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Length of Ibogaine Addiction Treatment

A single administration of ibogaine typically has three outcomes in the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction:

  • It causes a massive reduction in the symptoms of drug withdrawals like heroin and natural opiates, allowing relatively painless detoxification.
  • Many users report and studies confirm the elimination of the desire to use drugs is experienced after taking ibogaine.
  • The drug’s psychoactive nature is reported to help many users understand and resolve the issues behind their addictive behavior.

Ibogaine rehab can be easily administered, in capsule form, and has no addictive qualities. It is essentially a “one-shot” medication. At New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Center, it is used in our clinical setting with proper client screening procedures, medical monitoring equipment, and qualified personnel. Best Rehab For Alcoholics

The Seven Days of Our Ibogaine Addiction

The Length of Ibogaine Addiction Treatment is seven days. Here is the schedule at our Mexico ibogaine clinic:

Day 1

It’s all about arrival! We don’t start treatment the first moment you step through our doors. We perform a thorough pre-screening evaluation to make sure that you will be a successful candidate for the program.

Paperwork is processed and we start getting to know you. This includes knowing your vital signs and prescribing any needed medications. Then, the rest of the day is yours. Unpack, relax, and enjoy our luxury accommodations. . . . Welcome to the beginning of your new life!

Day 2

So, you’ve been here a day. We encourage you to attend several informal interviews. We require that you are fully aware of the ibogaine treatment plan and what it entails for you. Medically necessary tests will be conducted to make sure we can treat you safely, including a blood test and EKG.

There are scams in ibogaine treatment clinics that will allow a person to enter into a treatment program even tests show that they are not a viable candidate for the program. Here at New Roots, ANY problems with the liver, heart or lungs will result in immediate exclusion from your ibogaine addiction treatment. Your health and safety are primary concerns.

Also, it is very important that the client’s drug intake be regulated for 48 hours prior to taking the ibogaine addiction treatment dose. This will prevent the medication from reacting with any other drugs still in the body, which research indicates may lead to adverse reactions.

Day 3

In order for this ibogaine addiction treatment to be administered safely, we will not allow you to eat food for a period of up to 24 hours prior to your administered dosage. Your nutritional needs will be maintained through an IV. A small dose of ibogaine is then administered and after you show no reaction to it, we will then begin to administer your main dosage.

The facilities we provide for your Ibogaine rehab addiction treatment and recovery are very important to the success rate. It helps eliminate undue anxiety. And knowing that a qualified nurse and doctor is present at all times during this phase is essential in alleviating any worries you may have.

Noises will be kept to an absolute minimum because ibogaine causes sounds to be heard much louder than usual. The light level will also be adjusted. We want to create the most tranquil environment possible.

The patient will be monitored by EKG, and other state-of-the-art monitoring equipment will be used the entire time. Requests for water may be fulfilled but nothing else should be digested.

Days 4 – 5

The two days after the ibogaine addiction treatment are called “Grey Days.” Some patients experience depression and physical weakness. So, these two days are designed for rest, relaxation, and recovery.

Your feelings of deep contentment will soon arrive because you have successfully made it through the ibogaine addiction treatment program. Your cravings and withdrawal symptoms will be gone.

Day 6

This is a day just for you. By this time, hopefully, your Grey Days are a thing of the past.

Before rushing home, we also provide you with the opportunity to visit the place you’ve called home for the past few days in Ensenada, Mexico. You can enjoy local shopping, restaurants, and sightseeing opportunities.

Not to be forgotten, however; is some further therapy and psychological counseling to help you succeed in a bright new future. Our recovery coach is available to process your ibogaine experience and help you create a post-treatment plan.

Day 7

Return home to your loved ones and show them that you are ready to enjoy a sober lifestyle. You can live an addiction-free life where the possibilities are endless!

It’s Not Too Good to Be True

We understand that many people have a difficult time wrapping their minds around the fact that seven days at New Roots can interrupt an addiction that has lasted for years. But, it is the truth. Ibogaine rehab addiction treatment is not a scam. It’s the real deal.

Here's a testimonial from one of our past clients:

We are always here to answer any questions you may have about ibogaine addiction treatment.

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