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Embark on Your Healing Journey

What to Bring

Begin your transformative journey with New Roots Ibogaine, equipped with the essentials. Carefully packing for your stay is the first step towards embracing the healing process, ensuring you're fully prepared to engage in your recovery path.
Essential identification for seamless travel and check-in.
Comfort items for a serene and restful stay.
Personal health supplies to maintain your well-being throughout the program.
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Nurturing Comfort and Healing
Packing Essentials

Embarking on your journey with New Roots Ibogaine means beginning a transformative chapter in your life. Packaging the right items can set the tone for a comfortable and serene experience as you step toward healing and wellness. Remember, every item in your suitcase should serve a purpose for your recovery and well-being.

For your time with us, we recommend that you pack clothing that will provide comfort and adaptability to various activities, from reflective journaling sessions by the peaceful shores to group activities that foster connection and growth. Include loose-fitting garments for therapy sessions and layers that can accommodate our climate's warm days and cooler evenings. Personal items should include essential toiletries and personal hygiene products that make you feel at home and at peace. Do not forget any prescribed medications or vitamins as part of your regular health regimen for your health and wellness. We also encourage you to bring wellness items such as journals to document your journey or a yoga mat for personal meditation and stretching. Each of these items plays a role in your holistic healing process, supporting your physical comfort and mental clarity as you engage with our therapeutic community and reconnect with your inner strength.

Treatment Packing Guide
Essential Documents: Carry the keys to a smooth journey – your identification and medical info, ensuring peace of mind from departure to arrival.
Valid Passport
Driver's License or ID card
Medical Insurance Information
Emergency Contact Details
Personal Comforts: Pack clothing and footwear that offer ease and adaptability, creating a cocoon of comfort as you navigate recovery.
A week's worth of comfortable clothing suitable for various activities and climate changes
Sturdy, comfortable shoes and sandals
Light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings
Health and Well-being: Bring along wellness aids like medications, reflective journals, and motivational reads, anchoring you to your health goals and personal progress.
Personal hygiene essentials in a toiletry bag
Current medications in original bottles and unopened vitamins
Journal and pen for personal reflection
Recovery-related reading materials to inspire and motivate
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Why Choose Us

Experience Premier Iboga Therapy in Mexico
Choosing New Roots Ibogaine means entrusting your path to recovery to leading experts in iboga therapy dedicated to your transformation. As the best ibogaine treatment center in Mexico, our approach is rooted in scientific rigor and heartfelt personalized care crafted to address your unique journey. In the nurturing haven of our Mexican retreat, we promise a transformative experience that fosters lasting wellness. This journey is supported by our fully-equipped medical facility for ibogaine treatment, ensuring a safe and effective environment for your healing process.
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Expert Care Team: The Foundation of Healing
Empowering recovery with seasoned professionals
Serene Coastal Retreats: Your Sanctuary of Tranquility
Elevate your healing journey amidst breathtaking beach vistas
Compassionate Support: Your Ally on the Path to Wellness
Guiding you with care every step of the way

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need a valid passport for international travel and any domestic ID for verification purposes, as well as medical insurance information and emergency contact details.
There are no specific restrictions, but we recommend comfortable, casual clothing suitable for indoor and outdoor activities and layers for varying temperatures.
Bring all personal toiletries you require, excluding items containing alcohol in the first three ingredients. We encourage the use of environmentally friendly and non-aerosol products.
Please bring any prescribed medications in their original containers and any vitamins or supplements in unopened packages.
Yes, you may bring electronic devices, but we suggest using them minimally to stay focused on your recovery. Don't forget the chargers and consider an adapter if coming from outside Mexico.
Recovery-related literature that supports your journey is welcome. We recommend material that fosters personal growth and understanding of addiction treatment.
Items that could disrupt your or others' healing process, such as non-prescription drugs, alcohol, or weapons, are strictly prohibited.
Most necessities are covered, but you may bring a small amount of money for personal purchases or unforeseen needs.
A journal, sketchbook, or any other item that aids self-reflection and relaxation can benefit your recovery.
Consider leaving space for materials and items you may acquire during your stay, such as additional literature or a keepsake that symbolizes your journey to recovery.
Embark on Healing
Begin your journey to recovery today
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