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7 Day Ibogaine Treatment

In the embrace of New Roots Ibogaine, a week is all it takes to rediscover hope and begin anew. Our 7-Day Ibogaine Treatment stands as a beacon of transformation, guiding you toward a future unshackled from the chains of addiction. Here, in the serene lap of nature, we offer more than just treatment; we offer a new chapter.

Embrace a holistic journey towards freedom from addiction.
Experience the healing power of ibogaine in a serene and supportive setting.
Join a community of healing driven by care and expertise.
Start a transformative journey that renews body, mind, and spirit.
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A Comprehensive Approach to Healing

About the 7-Day Ibogaine Treatment

Discover a sanctuary for transformation at New Roots Ibogaine, where our 7-Day Treatment Program offers a holistic path to overcoming addiction. Our serene retreat is a nexus of healing, combining the powerful properties of ibogaine with a compassionate, patient-focused approach. Here, you'll find not just treatment but a journey toward lasting wellness guided by our medical experts.

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At the heart of our program lies ibogaine, a naturally occurring psychoactive substance known for its unique ability to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. Our expert medical team leverages its potential within a carefully structured, week-long program that addresses both the physiological and psychological facets of addiction. Surrounded by the tranquil beauty of our facility, you will undergo a comprehensive health assessment, ensuring a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. In-depth therapeutic sessions, both one-on-one and in groups, provide the mental and emotional support essential for recovery. As you progress through our program, each step is designed to not only detoxify your body but also to empower your mind, equipping you with the tools and insights for a transformed life beyond addiction.

Your Path to Recovery, Day-by-Day 

Therapy Program

Our 7-Day Ibogaine Treatment Program is meticulously crafted to guide you through a comprehensive healing process. Each day is purposefully structured, combining various therapies and activities that cater to your journey towards wellness. From the moment you wake up to the soothing surroundings of our retreat, your schedule includes therapeutic sessions tailored to foster personal growth and recovery. This includes one-on-one counseling, group therapies, and holistic activities to restore balance. Our personalized care, it is evident through every aspect of the program, ensuring you receive the support and attention needed to navigate the complexities of addiction recovery. As you move from the introspection of ibogaine treatment to the shared experiences in group sessions and from the relaxation of therapeutic massages to the quiet reflection of meditation, every step is a building block toward your overall wellness, leaving you empowered and equipped to embrace sobriety.

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Day 1: "Welcome and Comprehensive Health Assessment"
Day 2: "Nourishment and Psychological Foundations"
Day 3 & 4: "Intensive Ibogaine Therapy and Inner Reflection"
Day 5: "Recovery and Body Rejuvenation"
Day 6 & 7: "Integration and Farewell"
Arrival and Orientation

Begin your healing journey in our welcoming embrace, where our team greets you with empathy and professionalism. Upon arrival, you'll be oriented to the serene environment of New Roots Ibogaine. This day is dedicated to setting the tone for a week of transformation, ensuring your comfort and familiarity with our healing space.

Initial Health Evaluation

Your path to recovery is paved with care from the first step. A thorough health assessment awaits you, encompassing both medical and psychological evaluations. Our experienced medical staff will ensure your treatment is personalized to your needs, laying a solid foundation for the coming days.

Culinary Comfort and Care
Your second day begins with the warmth of a home-cooked breakfast, setting a tone of comfort for the healing ahead. Our staff will outline the day's activities, ensuring you are fully informed and prepared.
Personal Growth and Team Building
Dive into personalized therapeutic sessions and engage in team-building activities. These group sessions are designed to foster a sense of community and shared purpose on your journey to recovery.
Preparation and Fasting
As you enter the core phase of your treatment, fasting begins, aiding in your physical and mental preparation for the transformative experience ahead.
Treatment and Supervised Care
Administered at our medical facility, the ibogaine treatment is closely monitored by our medical team. This pivotal stage is a profound period of introspection, often described as a guided journey through your inner landscape.
Healing and Processing
Post-treatment, you will continue to process your journey, regaining strength through individual and group therapy sessions. This day is about recovery, reflection, and integrating your experiences.
Physical Reinvigoration
To help rejuvenate your body, you'll receive a therapeutic deep tissue massage, providing relaxation and aiding in healing both body and mind.
Recreational Integration
A gentle walk on the beach allows you to reflect on your experiences and prepare for the next steps. This recreational outing is an opportunity to integrate the therapeutic work into your being amidst the calm of nature.
Preparing for the Journey Home
In the final evening, you'll prepare for your return home, equipped with new insights and a renewed spirit. On the morning of day seven, our chauffeur will transport you to the airport, marking the start of your ongoing journey to wellness.
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Preparing for Your Journey


Embarking on the ibogaine treatment journey is a pivotal moment in your life. To fully harness the transformative power of ibogaine, it's vital to prepare mentally and physically. This begins with understanding the process, setting realistic and personal goals, and ensuring your body is ready for the changes ahead. Familiarize yourself with the journey, from the mechanisms of ibogaine to the supportive environment you will be entering.

Crafting a realistic plan for your time post-treatment is equally important. Establish actionable steps and coping strategies with our team, ensuring you have a solid foundation for your new, drug-free lifestyle. Align with your support system—whether family, friends, or a community group—to assist in actualizing your intentions for recovery and wellness.

Sustaining Your Newfound Wellness


As your ibogaine treatment concludes, your journey to wellness continues. Our post-care support system is designed to uphold your progress, offering resources and guidance for sustaining your recovery. Licensed professionals will work with you to refine a relapse prevention plan and provide you with tools for coping and decision-making. This comprehensive support underlines our commitment to your long-term success.

Reintegration into everyday life is a critical phase where your new perspectives and coping skills are implemented. We provide a continuum of care that includes community support, counseling, and follow-up services, creating a safe and nurturing environment for your ongoing healing process. With these resources, you can confidently navigate the path ahead, reinforced by the resilience and insights gained through your ibogaine experience.

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A Window to Wellness


Our gallery offers a visual narrative of life at New Roots. Each image tells a story of hope and healing, from snapshots of serene therapy sessions to the vibrant community spirit in our common areas. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of our location, providing the perfect backdrop for personal transformation.
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Voices of Recovery: Real Stories from Our Community

Discover the transformative power of New Roots Ibogaine through our patients' testimonials, where stories of overcoming addiction and finding a fresh start with our ibogaine treatment resonate with hope. Let their journeys inspire you to take the first step towards recovery and a new chapter in life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

At New Roots Ibogaine, you can expect a comprehensive healing journey that is as much about the mind and spirit as the body. From the welcoming environment to the attentive aftercare, our program is designed to support your transformative journey to recovery every step of the way.
Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance that has been shown to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. It works by interrupting the addiction pattern and resetting the brain's neurotransmitter systems.
Our pre-care program is designed to help you mentally and physically prepare for your ibogaine experience. This includes setting realistic goals, understanding the treatment process, and establishing coping strategies.
Post-treatment, our dedicated team provides an extensive support system that includes licensed professionals to refine relapse prevention plans, ongoing counseling, and community support to help sustain recovery.
While ibogaine is generally well-tolerated, some individuals may experience mild side effects such as fatigue, nausea, or low blood pressure. Our medical team monitors you closely throughout the treatment to manage any side effects promptly and ensure your safety and comfort.
Your safety is our top priority. We conduct a thorough health screening before treatment and provide 24/7 medical supervision. Our facility has the latest medical technology, and our staff includes experienced healthcare professionals.
Our program is tailored to treat various substance dependencies, including opiates, alcohol, and certain prescription medications. However, suitability can vary based on individual health and addiction history, which is assessed during our comprehensive pre-treatment evaluation.
Our aftercare program is designed to reinforce the progress made during treatment. It includes follow-up consultations, counseling access, and community support resources. We help you develop skills and strategies to manage triggers and maintain sobriety.
The 7-Day Ibogaine Treatment Program is immersive and structured to maximize your recovery potential. You'll engage in various therapeutic activities during the treatment and have scheduled rest periods. We recommend focusing on the program for its duration to gain full benefits.
Success rates can vary based on individual commitment and the complexity of the addiction. We have a history of helping many individuals start their journey to recovery. Personal success stories and testimonials are available to illustrate the potential for lasting change.
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