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Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment


Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment

At New Roots Ibogaine, we are always looking for ways to enhance our treatment program. We understand that clients come to us carrying the heavy burden of addiction. They are counting on us to get the help they so desperately need. We take this responsibility very seriously and start a new program "Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment".

When clients complete their seven-day ibogaine treatment program here at New Roots, we want them to go home refreshed, relaxed, and ready to enjoy a life of sobriety.

To make this happen, our focus is to provide a positive environment that promotes healing and produces life-changing results.

Now, as part of our first-class experience here at New Roots, clients will enjoy a spiritual and detoxifying session in our sweat lodge.

This is a unique addition to our program. We do not know of any other ibogaine clinic in the industry that offers this service.

What to Expect From Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment Session

When clients arrive on Monday, we give them all the time they need to get settled into our beautiful facility, which is located along the Ensenada Beach shoreline here in Mexico.

Later in the day, they will spend one hour in our sweat lodge. The Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment session will be led by Oscar, a Native American with extensive sweat lodge ceremonial experience.

Our sweat lodge has been constructed using the highest safety standards. It seats 12 people comfortably, although clients will never have to share with this many people. We only allow four clients at our facility at any given time to give them our full attention.

The sweat lodge uses coal, rocks, and water to create steam, which heats up the interior of the lodge. During the session, Oscar guides clients on a spiritual journey with the practice of chanting and singing traditional Native American songs.

Working Up a Sweat Helps Ease the Detoxification Process

The majority of our clients come to stay with us because they are addicted to toxic substances like heroin, prescription painkillers, or alcohol.

We view these drugs as poisonous. They cause great harm to the mind, body, and spirit. And, of course, they cause negative life circumstances like family problems, work difficulties, and legal challenges.

The number one goal at our clinic is to provide an effective ibogaine treatment for addiction using iboga; ‘a psychedelic plant medicine that has been used for centuries.

We want our clients to leave our facility completely drug-free and ready to reclaim their lives. This starts with detoxification.

In the United States, many rehabilitation facilities recommend medical detox. We believe the quickest path to freedom for an addicted person is to stop using drugs altogether – immediately. Undergoing a medical detox only prolongs recovery.

And, it does not flush toxins from the system but instead produces even more cravings.

This is why we recommend our Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment program in conjunction with the ibogaine treatment as a way to quickly, safely, and effectively detoxify from toxic substances. By working up a sweat, drugs and alcohol leave the body, which helps to purify the system.

Also, sweating out these toxins provides relief from withdrawal symptoms that accompany the first 24 hours of drug or alcohol cessation.

Our Sweat Lodge Sessions Promise a Spiritual Experience

Ibogaine essentially bypasses the entire withdrawal process and effectively eliminates cravings by resetting the brain to its pre-addicted state. This is why our ibogaine treatment program is so effective in treating opioid and alcohol addiction.

In addition to interrupting the addictive cycle, it is important to recognize that undergoing an ibogaine treatment is a deeply spiritual experience.

It also likes experiencing 10 years of therapy in one night. Many people say they go on a profound journey within, which allows them to get back in touch with their own spirituality.

By the time most people arrive at New Roots, they say they feel spiritually bankrupt. Addiction has a way of robbing people of their joy and unplugging them from their connection to the universe.

We help restore a feeling of connectedness by kicking off our seven-day ibogaine treatment with a session in our sweat lodge.

Sweat lodge ceremonies are about so much more than just sweating and detoxifying. They are purification rituals that allow participants to heal their minds, experience gratitude, and awaken to new possibilities. And, of course, Oscar is there to guide the way and oversee the experience.

Have a Problem With Addiction?

At New Roots, we are compassionate toward those who have lost their way because of an addiction to alcohol or drugs. If you have been struggling with substance abuse, we want you to find healing.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about joining our Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment Program.

Here's what one of our clients had to say about our Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment program.

Please call us for a free consultation at 1-855-513-3377. We are here to help. Our sweat lodge awaits you!

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