How To Quit Cocaine Safely?

Quitting cocaine takes a lot of effort and commitment - and you need to be determined to get clean, it can’t be a wishy-washy thing. If you’re not all in, the path to sobriety won’t be safe and you could potentially end up hurting yourself. 

That’s why we thought it best to give you some solid intel that’ll get you going the right way. 

Continue reading to see what we have in store for you. And if you have any questions at the end, be sure to reach out to one of our dedicated, committed workers using this link.

How to quit an addiction?

To quit cocaine safely you must...

Go in with the right mindset.

Being in the right mindset while on the path to sobriety is crucial. Yearning for a fresh, clean start should be your priority. Because getting clean is totally worth it.

Don’t go into detoxification and withdrawal with a half-hearted approach. If you do this, you probably won’t get the best results - and you might even relapse immediately. 

So, do whatever it takes to find the right motivation. If that means talking to family and friends, going on a self-care trip, or taking a day to be all by yourself. 

Quitting Cocaine Mindset
Make sure you have professional support on your side.

Quitting cocaine is extremely hard - and it takes a toll on the mind and body. Which means you need some professional support on your side throughout the process to make sure you don’t get stuck in old patterns. 

To add, professional treatment can provide you with a stable and safe go-to environment, encouraging good behaviors and promoting healthy habits. You can seek such professional medical treatment by attending NA groups, meeting with a counselor once a week, or admitting yourself to an inpatient rehab facility. 

Fill your days with meaningful distractions.

When cocaine is in the mix, it’s so easy to get high and forget about life. Hobbies don’t matter, you’re in the zone. Running, video games, writing, sports, and reading don’t matter. But when you give up drugs and go through detox processes, you need to fill your time with things other than addictive substances. 

Cocaine Withdrawal Reasons

Find something that you absolutely love, that brings you the utmost joy. Reignite former passions. Bring friends and family into this circle and enjoy your time together making memories. If you have something bigger and better to live for than cocaine, you’ll get through the withdrawal phase that much easier.

Be sure to create an authentic support system.
Cocaine Detox Support System

If you need anything while getting sober, it’s a support system. Getting clean is near impossible without one. Especially when the cravings creep in and your feelings start to twist and turn your healthy thought processes. 

Surround yourself with good friends and family and get a group of sober pals. Don’t stick with your user friends, they’ll only guide you down the same addictive path you’re trying to get away from. If you happen to meet sober individuals in rehab, outpatient groups, or NA meetings, that’s ok. They know the importance of staying clean and they’ll steer you clear of temptations as best they possibly can. 

Avoid temptation at all costs.
Being aware about Cocaine Overdose helps quitting cocaine

Whatever you do, try your hardest to stay away from any types of temptation. That includes but is not limited to other drugs and alcohol. Even if it feels natural to reconnect with past friends and visit your go-to places, try to break that cycle and lean on your healthy relationships to make you accountable. 

Remember, cravings are hard to control under ideal situations, nevermind when you’re in the middle of old habits. Make new plans, turn down invitations with your drug past, and keep your mind in a good place.

If you or a loved one need assistance with Cocaine Addiction Support or want more content about our Ibogaine Treatment Program, please visit our website here You may also take a look at our article Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms.

Ibogaine Treatment Program in Mexico

How To Detox From Cocaine At Home?

When you’re using or abusing cocaine for a long period of time, a number of negative health effects may occur. That’s the #1 reason so many users give up the drug and decide to become sober. But on the way to sobriety, a detox of the drug needs to happen. 

Some addicts choose to detox at home while others prefer to do so in a medical facility under supervision. If you prefer to be in the comfort of your house, this article is for you. 

A little about the detoxification process … 

If you’re on the path to drug recovery, you should know what you’re going to experience during the detox phase. Below, you’ll find a list of things that may happen to you in the first few days of cocaine withdrawal:

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

We’ll be honest, the process can and will be extremely uncomfortable. You should have someone by your side to keep you company if at all possible. 

If you want to know more about the Withdrawal Symptoms of Cocaine during detox, read our article here.

It’s important to make healthy choices during detox...

Healthy choices don’t come easily during detoxification, which is why we thought it necessary to list a few things you should be doing. Like:

Cocaine Detox Foods

Home Remedies for Cocaine Detox

Even if you’re well prepared, you should still take these home remedies into consideration. Be aware of the side effects you’ll experience, continue to make healthy choices, and implement some of these suggestions - especially within the first few days.

Prioritize comfy clothes and pain relief. 

Chills and sweating are very common withdrawal symptoms, which means your body will be going through changes in temperature constantly. That’s why we suggest wearing comfy clothes that can easily be taken off or put on. And add over-the-counter pain relievers so that you can limit the amount of headaches and body aches you get. It’ll help with temperature regulation, too.

Take medications to reduce GI discomfort.

The last thing you want to think of while withdrawing from cocaine is nausea and diarrhea, but unfortunately, these symptoms do tend to pop up quite often. Be prepared and stock up on medications like Antivert, Dramamine, and Imodium. Ginger ale and ginger tea can be soothing for your tummy. And even though it’s the last thing you want, consuming bland (no spices) nutritious food and a ton of water will help you get through it.

Cocaine Recovery Treatment

Be on top of your electrolytes.

Detoxing your body also means you’re getting rid of electrolytes. In fact, most detoxing people get so close to dehydration that they’re often hospitalized. If you’re aware enough, make sure to drink electrolyte beverages and eat plenty of fruit. Keep a water bottle handy at all times. And if you’re not aware, make sure you have someone around that is.

Increase gentle movements.

Jumping right into exercising in the middle of a cocaine detox can be super dangerous, but increasing your gentle movements can get you through the process quicker. Think stretching, yoga, short walks, and tai chi. These activities help remove toxins from the body and they’re a good distracting tool. 

Consider supplements and herbal remedies.

Always speak with your doctor before trying OTC supplements and herbal remedies, but some options are great for lessening withdrawal symptoms. For example, melatonin for sleep and St. John’s Wort for tremors. You can also increase your intake of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C to give you a stronger immune system.

Cocaine Detox Treatment

If you need any questions answered or would like to seek a different form of treatment like Ibogaine, please visit our site. We have people sitting by the phone ready to get you on a better, more healthy path. 

How To Stop Taking Cocaine?

If you want to stop taking cocaine, you need to be 100% aware that it’ll take a lot of work, dedication, and courage. You’ll also need support from family and friends to make it happen. Because facing withdrawal symptoms head on is no walk in the park.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Before you continue reading, please take note that cocaine withdrawal can and will put a strain on your mental health. Removing the substance from your body will cause you to face underlying problems that the drug may have hid. Not to mention whatever side effects you battle physically. So take these five ‘how to’ steps seriously and call New Roots Ibogaine if you need any help on your journey. 

How to Quit an Addiction?

Tell loved ones that you intend to quit your addiction.

The first step to quitting an addiction is letting the people you love in. If you wish to change the way you’re behaving, tell friends and family about your desire to quit. Ask them to have your back and soon enough, you’ll begin creating a support network that’ll follow you through the journey.

While you’re on the communication train, we highly suggest telling the people that you use with (or used to use with) about your desire to quit. Make sure neither party is high while the conversation is going on.

Quitting Cocaine

Start changing your habits.

The people you hang out with generally have the same hobbies and habits as you do - hello, they’re the friends you choose to surround yourself with. So, if your hobbies and habits relate back to drugs like cocaine, you need to rethink how you’re spending your time. 

Step outside of that social circle. Don’t visit the spots where you use. Try to stay away from other addicting substances, like alcohol, as the two pair together often. Pick up healthier hobbies and habits to distract yourself from the cravings.

How to Quit an Addiction
Rejecting a drink or any other drug may be a first step.

Stop taking cocaine and start taking control.

Positive distraction techniques will help.

Though we do highly suggest adopting new hobbies as a distraction (as seen in our previous ‘how to’ suggestion), we do know wholeheartedly that that’s not enough to keep you away from your addiction. But it’s a start.

Take a deep dive into:

How to Stop Taking Cocaine

Every time your brain thinks of cocaine, do something else you enjoy. And don’t be afraid to speak about new hobbies with those surrounding you, friends, family, therapists, etc. They can help and will most likely want to get involved to help you to a better path.

Listen to what others have to say.

This suggestion is geared specifically towards people who have been where you are now. Look up some stories or search for people near you that have gone through cocaine withdrawal and addiction. Listen to what they have to say, as long as they’re sober and on an inspiring journey.

Keep in mind that everyone is different, so every recovery process will differ. But you can find the light in some of these stories and adopt some of their methods to get you through the darker days.

Cocaine Recovery Process

Dig through and find out what the root cause is of your addiction.

Most people addicted to cocaine don’t partake of the substance because they ‘enjoy it.’ They’re doing it to fill some void, distract from real life, or avoid some responsibilities. That’s just a couple of relevant examples.

On your sober journey, we highly suggest getting out of your comfort zone. Cocaine should not be used as self medication, a comfort mechanism, or a reason to avoid family and friends. So, it’s your job to find out what led you to the drug in the first place, and that can mean getting really uncomfy with a therapist, an NA group meeting, or a sober sponsor. If you keep working, you’ll uncover the causes in due time. 

If you have any questions or need additional assistance on your sober journey from cocaine, please visit

Ibogaine Treatment - Stop Cocaine Addiction

How To Quit Cocaine Naturally?

Cocaine may be natural in its simplest form, but after it’s chemically altered to sell, the drug can become highly addictive. Most users snort or smoke the drug, which can lead to a ton of unwanted side effects and long term health complications. 

There are a bunch of methods to try if you want to quit cocaine, including but not limited to going to rehab. Luckily, there is a natural way to get away from the drug that doesn’t result in you consuming more man-made or chemically altered variations. It’s called ibogaine.

Before you start going down and spiraling into the deep dark web, we want to give you the relevant information you’ll need to make a smart decision. 

Ibogaine defined … is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in specific plants of the Apocynaceae family. It is labeled as a psychedelic and inherently has dissociative properties, making it easy to hallucinate once consumed. 

The remainder of this article will discuss how you can quit cocaine naturally and get the help you’ve wanted and needed. For any additional information, you’ll want to visit our website explaining all things Ibogaine related. Link can be found here.

how to quit cocaine naturally

Why ibogaine?

We stand by our reasoning for using ibogaine, and after you read our explanation, we hope you will too. 

You see, ibogaine resets the neurotransmitters and opiate receptors in your brain. Because of this, they can provide users with relief from addiction. So much so that most patients that come out of our program have a 90% success rate, allowing them to start their life over addiction-free. 

How does ibogaine treatment work?

With our professional over at New Roots, users/patients will go through a 7-day ibogaine treatment program that’s designed to help manage withdrawal symptoms and completely eliminate cocaine from your life. 

The process goes like this:

Day #1: Arrival → Medical staff will perform a full examination including blood work panels. Cardiologist will perform a routine EKG; if results are fair, the patient will move on to the next step. A complete psychological exam will be conducted and the patient will have the rest of the day to themselves in a private room.

Day #2: Preparation → Breakfast will be served at 8 A.M. Staff members will gather patients afterward and go over the day's activities, including but not limited to one-on-one sessions with psychologists and team-building activities with other patients in the program.

how to quit cocaine naturally

Day #3, #4: Treatment → Fasting begins at noon while psychologists prepare patients. Treatment will be administered in a prepared medical facility where doctors and nurses can observe accordingly. 

First, a small ibogaine HCL will be administered to check for allergic reactions. If all is clear in 30 minutes, the patient will receive the full dose. Forced meditation will occur and patients will go ‘within’ themselves to face personal issues with the help of their psychologists.

Day #5: Wrap Up → Here, patients will regain their strength in one-on-one group therapy sessions. Relaxation will take precedence with a deep tissue massage.

Day #6, #7: Go Home → Before departure, patients will visit the beach to go for a walk. Afterwards, personal belongings will be given back and preparation to leave will start. Sunday morning, the treatment program ends.

how to quit cocaine naturally

Can ibogaine help with addictions related to other drugs?

Yes, absolutely. Ibogaine can be used for all of the following conditions: 

If you have any further questions, please reach out directly via our website link here

What is the Efficacy of Ibogaine?

Approximately 70,000 people died from opioid abuse in 2020 in the United States alone, with numbers on the rise. The opioid epidemic affects people of all ages and all races and is a significant public health issue. These staggering statistics cause numerous experts in various fields to search for new and improved addiction treatments. One such treatment that continues to grow in popularity is ibogaine

What is Ibogaine? 

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring substance found in the bark of the Tabernanthe iboga plant in West Africa. Although historically, ibogaine has been used by West African tribes in rituals and rites of passage as a hallucinogenic, in smaller doses, it has been used in other parts of the world as a mild stimulant or antidepressant. In some countries, it has been used for its anti-addictive properties for decades, although it remains illegal in others, such as the U.S.

what is the efficacy of ibogaine

What Does Ibogaine Do? 

Ibogaine works against addiction both pharmacologically and psychologically. It can ease drug withdrawal symptoms and cravings, thereby lowering the risk of relapse. It also causes a hallucinogenic state, which people describe as a journey of some of their most significant life experiences. Ibogaine is most often used to treat opioid addiction, but it can also be used to treat other types of addiction and as an anti-depressant. Ibogaine may be administered in pill form or intravenously, usually depending on the dosage. Many people experience long-term effects from even one ibogaine dose. 

Ibogaine works on the brain’s neurotransmitters, making them more flexible and able to adapt to new perceptions and rewire the brain’s negative thought patterns. Additionally, unlike methadone, naloxone, and similar treatments, ibogaine does not have the potential addictive qualities of substituting one addiction for another. Combining therapy with ibogaine can help individuals with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a variety of other issues. 

what is the efficacy of ibogaine

What is the Efficacy of Ibogaine Treatment? 

Although ibogaine has been used for decades to combat addiction, research is somewhat lacking, making it somewhat more difficult to determine the efficacy of ibogaine. However, the research that has been completed has shown a reduction in heroin, morphine, cocaine, and alcohol consumption. There is no cure for addiction, but ibogaine treatment has been shown to increase abstinence from drug use by more than a year in many patients. Furthermore, approximately 30 percent of those that submitted to ibogaine treatment never used opioids again. Many people report better outcomes if ibogaine is used in conjunction with cognitive therapy. Long-time drug and alcohol users have shown increased benefits from more ibogaine treatments, either more upfront or after a period of months. 

what is the efficacy of ibogaine

It is important to note that, like many treatments for any condition, there are associated risks. Some of these risks include loss of muscle coordination, nausea and vomiting, heart arrhythmia, and death. It is vital that ibogaine treatment be conducted by an experienced professional to ensure proper dosing. Additionally, ibogaine is not a miracle cure. Drug addiction takes work to overcome, but many people find that their improved mental state helps them to work through past trauma, long-held beliefs, and other factors that impede their ability to have breakthroughs that allow them to move past whatever has been holding them back. 

Ibogaine can be the catalyst that allows people from all walks of life to overcome these barriers and begin a lifelong journey to recovery. That is exactly what New Roots Ibogaine Treatment can help you or your loved ones with - beginning a life-changing journey toward a brighter, better future that is worth giving up harmful substances for to beat addiction. 

Is Ibogaine Available In The United States?

One of the most important questions today regarding opiate and heroin addiction is this: “Why is ibogaine illegal in the United States?” 

Why is it such an important question? Because ibogaine is a life saving medicine that has a profound effect on addiction with proven, positive results

Keep reading to learn a little bit more about ibogaine.

A Brief History

Ibogaine’s bad reputation goes back to the 1930’s. It’s associated with the olympic athletes of this era, as the french were selling ibogaine treatment pills to enhance overall performance. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that medicinal properties inside the drug were discovered by Howard Lotsof. 

Unfortunately, by the time Lotsof and professional colleagues of his started scientifically testing the drug, the FDA swept in with harsh rules and regulations. Ibogaine, along with all other psychedelic drugs, became a scheduled, controlled substance. 

At this point, ibogaine was illegal for personal use and scientific testing. Even though similar psychedelics like LSD had promising treatment effects, the Food and Drug Administration did not care. 

Today, ibogaine remains a schedule I drug in the United States, being referred to as highly addictive with no medicinal purposes. 


If Accessible, Could Ibogaine Help Treat Addiction?

The answer to that question is yes. Addiction is a widely known problem in the United States, and having one more treatment method to stop the spread is always a good idea. Ibogaine can help many achieve their goals of being drug free or addiction free, if given the chance

You see, ibogaine eliminates almost all withdrawal symptoms, meaning it should be a primary form of treatment. It has the ability to be, so why not move forward with testing and legalization?

After all, drugs like Suboxone and Methadone are available and can work for some people, but may not work for all. 

Quitting cold turkey can work for some people, but may not work for all. 

Options are necessary. Especially ones that don’t have much potential for abuse. Especially ones that are fully natural and can be found in mother nature. 

The national opioid epidemic needs help and it needs help now, getting on board the ibogaine train is just the first step to success.


Who Can Offer High Quality Ibogaine Treatment?

None other than New Roots.

New Roots offers the best ibogaine treatment in Mexico, right across the border. Their program is designed to help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings throughout the detox period. Not only that, but each step of the process is personalized and 100% individualized per the patient’s needs, with anxiety and depression kept in mind. 

What Can Ibogaine Do For You?

Ibogaine primarily focuses on freeing patients from drug addiction, but it doesn’t end there. These focused treatments from New Roots can also help patients with all of the following conditions:

No matter what the addiction, ibogaine can reset neurotransmitters in the brain. You’ll undergo a life-changing experience and finally end addiction from every angle. The 90% success rate will leave you feeling confident that soon enough, your problem will no longer exist.


The Process: Summarized

Ibogaine treatment will start by getting to the root cause of your addiction. You will undergo examinations from a primary doctor, a cardiologist, and a psychologist. 

Once the careful analysis is complete and you are cleared to move onto the next level of your stay, you will begin one-on-one sessions with a trained professional and group therapy sessions with other patient participants. 

Once this process is complete, you’ll move onto full treatment, where you will take ibogaine orally for two days. During this period, you will experience psychedelic symptoms, but don’t worry. They’ll sort themselves out. 

On the final days, you’ll be free from addiction and you’ll be encouraged to focus on healing and relaxation.

Best Ibogaine Treatment Center In Mexico

Ibogaine treatment is a safe medical treatment clinically proven to reset your brain with no cravings or withdrawal symptoms. It was initially created to interrupt severe additions, but is used frequently in medicinal, spiritual, and psychological circumstances today. 

The thing about ibogaine treatment is that it’s not a nonchalant course of action. The medical staff trained and instructed to place patients through this type of addiction cure are highly qualified and trained regularly to provide the best care possible. 

These health care professionals know and understand that addiction is real and people need relief from it, which is why they put their best foot forward with ibogaine usage. 

ibogaine treatment center in mexico

Who Is The Leading Professional In Ibogaine?

The answer to that question is easy enough: New Roots.

New Roots created a program specifically designed to help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings throughout treatment. Each path is personalized to treat each patient based upon their own individual needs, with anxiety and depression always kept in mind. 

New Roots has a sole vision and mission they wish to adhere to on the path of freedom from addiction. That consists of the following:

At New Roots, patients will be with a trained professional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Treatment is to be done in a full-service, private hospital well equipped with an emergency department. 

The ibogaine treatment provided here can repair damage done to the reward centers of the brain in time, leaving your body fully detoxified with zero withdrawals and absolutely no cravings. 

The safest medical treatment is available with New Roots.

ibogaine treatment center in mexico

What Can You Expect With New Roots Ibogaine?

The 7-day treatment program offered through New Roots is extensive, covering all areas needed to reach freedom from substance abuse, emotional disorders, and a variety of other conditions. To get a list of conditions that New Roots can help you with, call a specialist at the office today. 

As far as treatment goes, here is a day-by-day schedule for your review:

Day 1:

Arrival. Patient will undergo a full medical examination with blood work and liver enzyme panels. A cardiologist will perform an echocardiogram giving the go ahead for treatment. A full psychological examination will be conducted to make sure the patient is ready to begin.

Day 2:

Preparation. Qualified staff members will go over all activities for the day with patients, including one-on-one sessions with psychologists and team-building activities.

Day 3 & 4:

Treatment. Fasting beings at noon while psychologists help prepare patients for treatment. The treatment will then be administered at a medical facility. Supervision will be constant. Humming and buzzing symptoms may occur with additional symptoms. This is normal and will sort out by itself.

Day 5:

Healing. Patients will start to regain strength and go through their healing journey. One-on-one sessions with psychologists and group therapy sessions will resume. 

Day 6 & 7:

Rest. Health care professionals will prioritize internal healing by taking patients to the beach. Horseback riding will follow. Once the relaxation period has ended, patients will be instructed to pack up their belongings and ready themselves for Sunday morning (day 7) departure.  

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact New Roots today. 

Testimonials are available on their site to view. 

If you need pre-treatment or post-treatment options to maximize your freedom from addiction benefits, please see additional services

With New Roots, ibogaine treatment is a breeze. Rest assured that you will be in good hands the entire treatment process. Mental health and physical health are both high priorities on their list, so get started today and become a true you.

What Is The Success Rate Of Ibogaine Treatment?

To know the success rate of ibogaine treatment, we must first go over what ibogaine really is.

According to medical professionals, ibogaine resets the neurotransmitters and associated opiate receptors found within the brain. These treatments have proven to be an effective route traveled for men and women dealing with drug addiction.

Detailed View On Ibogaine

What many people don’t know about ibogaine is this: It’s a psychoactive drug treatment that induces hallucinogenic effects similar to that of LSD or psilocybin. It’s true that the drug itself has a clear focus to treat addictive patients, but it is a serious course of action.

success rate of ibogaine treatment

Does Ibogaine Produce Side Effects

The answer to that question is yes. Short-term side effects center around anxiety. Why? Because hallucinations tend to occur, making the patient feel a bit out-of-whack for quite some time. 

The drug ibogaine is derived from a plant found in the African rainforest. This plant is said to adjust brain chemistry, advertently lessening the intense drug withdrawal symptoms experienced the first week or two after stopping drug usage. Suffering from cravings is exponentially reduced. That’s not to say ibogaine can completely end the drug addiction, though.

What Is The Success Rate Of Ibogaine?

Currently, ibogaine offers a 90% success rate for drug addicted patients. Why? Because it directly targets the root of the problem: Withdrawal.

Once the first week of withdrawal is done, healing begins. Ibogaine helps addicted patients get over that hump. So much so that no other conventional plant can come near the healing properties of this African derived rainforest plant. 

success rate of ibogaine treatment

What Can Ibogaine Provide Relief From?

As we have discussed this entire article, ibogaine is primarily used to treat drug addictions. But that’s not where the healing properties stop. Below is a list of types of addictions ibogaine is good for:

success rate of ibogaine treatment

Where To Go For Ibogaine Treatment

The New Roots Ibogaine team is readily committed to help anyone get over substance abuse or addiction. Day or night, rain or shine. All you have to do is give their office a phone call and answer a few brief questions about your situation and medical history. From there, a personalized plan will be greeted for your ibogaine treatment, one you’ll love in no time. 

What Does The New Roots Ibogaine Treatment Plan Look Like?

New Roots Ibogaine focuses on a 7-day treatment program to help you manage and eliminate withdrawal symptoms in no time. It’s a comfortable process with a goal to bring you back to wellness.

On day 1, a full medical exam will be conducted with blood and liver enzyme panel evaluation. The cardiologist will perform an echocardiogram to give the go ahead for treatment. Psych evaluation will also be conducted at this time. Once all is said and done, the patient will be granted a private room to relax the remainder of the day.

On day 2, the patient will participate in one-on-one sessions with the psychologist and attend team-building activities in group sessions.

On days 3 and 4, ibogaine treatment will begin at a hospital ward where doctors and nurses will be fully attentive throughout the day. A small dose of ibogaine HCL will be administered to start, warning doctors of any allergic reactions. Thirty minutes later, the full dose will be administered with minor side effects to follow. Please refer to medical professionals for further information.

On day 5, one-on-one and group therapy sessions will start back up with relaxation to follow.

On days 6 and 7, patients will go on a walk, visit the beach, and take a horseback riding lesson. All things relaxing before returning to the San Diego airport.

If you’re looking to get to the root of all your problems, start with ibogaine treatment consultations today and watch as your life takes a turn for the better.

How Does Ibogaine Treatment Work?

To better understand ibogaine treatment, let’s look at it through the eyes of a hypothetical patient. We’ll name her Kelly.

Kelly started using heroin years back when she turned 18 years old. Now, she’s 26 years old and fully dependent on getting high every day. She’s tried almost everything to get clean, including 12-step programs, in-patient rehabilitation centers, drug assisted therapy, and weekly counseling. But nothing budged her need for heroin. 

In her last rehabilitation stay, Kelly started discussing other treatment methods with fellow patients. One actually mentioned ibogaine and it automatically intrigued her. “What was ibogaine? What could it do for me?” she thought. 

As she conducted research, Kelly found that ibogaine treatment was illegal in the United States. That’s the unfortunate part of the story. However, there is a fortunate part to every tale. Kelly found that Mexico legalized ibogaine treatment, and she was willing to give it a go.

ibogaine treatment

What Is Ibogaine Treatment?

Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance derived from a West African plant. It naturally affects the brain, helping with withdrawal symptoms and deterring feelings of cravings. And it’s not only good for heroin addictionIt helps with addictions associated with alcohol, Suboxone, prescription painkillers, Methadone, and stimulants of all sorts

Kelly wondered, “How is ibogaine so good?” The answer to that question is this: Ibogaine interrupts the addiction pattern inherent in the brain.

In simpler terms, Kelly found that ibogaine interacts with brain receptors in a positive way. You see, when you’re addicted to a substance, your rain receptors are constantly hungry for more. Ibogaine eliminates that hunger by halting the chemical addiction, removing withdrawal and cravings.

ibogaine treatment

What Is Ibogaine Treatment Like?

Instead of explaining how ibogaine treatment works, we will paint a picture using Kelly’s hypothetical experience.

On Kelly’s first day of treatment, she received one dose. Shortly after intake, a psychedelic state naturally occurred for approximately thirty hours. As per most psychedelic ‘trips,’ Kelly gained some insight into why she started using drugs in the first place. A clarity she never imagined would surpass. 

After the psychedelic state ended, Kelly had zero cravings and absolutely no withdrawal symptoms. She felt happy and free from addiction, ready to start her life back up. 

ibogaine treatment

Why Can’t United States Citizens Get Ibogaine Treatment?

Simply put, the Food and Drug Administration will not allow it. The risks associated with ibogaine can cause severe side effects, including but not limited to the following:

You Can Recieve Ibogaine Treatment In Mexico… 

If you’re looking for the best of the best in ibogaine treatment out-of-country, look no further than New Roots. Their program is designed to manage withdrawal symptoms with no cravings. Not only is it individualized and personalized, but it’s also geared towards your physical and emotional wellbeing with the best trained health care professionals around

New Roots Vision & Mission

At New Roots, you will be supervised by trained professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their full-service treatment is administered in a private hospital fully equipped with a knowledgeable emergency department. If need be, emergency vehicles are waiting nearby to transport you to a nearby hospital if treatment is not suitable. 

Keep in mind that New Roots wants you to become a better you. That’s why they prioritize ibogaine treatment, a method that repairs the damage addiction has caused to the reward centers of your brain. You’ll leave their clinics feeling fully detoxified with absolutely no withdrawals or cravings. Call today to speak to a representative and set up the treatment you need to have a better life.

Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment

Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment

At New Roots Ibogaine, we are always looking for ways to enhance our treatment program. We understand that clients come to us carrying the heavy burden of addiction. They are counting on us to get the help they so desperately need. We take this responsibility very seriously and start a new program "Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment".

When clients complete their seven-day ibogaine treatment program here at New Roots, we want them to go home refreshed, relaxed, and ready to enjoy a life of sobriety.

To make this happen, our focus is to provide a positive environment that promotes healing and produces life-changing results.

Now, as part of our first-class experience here at New Roots, clients will enjoy a spiritual and detoxifying session in our sweat lodge.

This is a unique addition to our program. We do not know of any other ibogaine clinic in the industry that offers this service.

What to Expect From Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment Session

When clients arrive on Monday, we give them all the time they need to get settled into our beautiful facility, which is located along the Ensenada Beach shoreline here in Mexico.

Later in the day, they will spend one hour in our sweat lodge. The Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment session will be led by Oscar, a Native American with extensive sweat lodge ceremonial experience.

Our sweat lodge has been constructed using the highest safety standards. It seats 12 people comfortably, although clients will never have to share with this many people. We only allow four clients at our facility at any given time to give them our full attention.

The sweat lodge uses coal, rocks, and water to create steam, which heats up the interior of the lodge. During the session, Oscar guides clients on a spiritual journey with the practice of chanting and singing traditional Native American songs.

Working Up a Sweat Helps Ease the Detoxification Process

The majority of our clients come to stay with us because they are addicted to toxic substances like heroin, prescription painkillers, or alcohol.

We view these drugs as poisonous. They cause great harm to the mind, body, and spirit. And, of course, they cause negative life circumstances like family problems, work difficulties, and legal challenges.

Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment ProgramThe number one goal at our clinic is to provide an effective ibogaine treatment for addiction using iboga; ‘a psychedelic plant medicine that has been used for centuries.

We want our clients to leave our facility completely drug-free and ready to reclaim their lives. This starts with detoxification.

In the United States, many rehabilitation facilities recommend medical detox. We believe the quickest path to freedom for an addicted person is to stop using drugs altogether – immediately. Undergoing a medical detox only prolongs recovery.

And, it does not flush toxins from the system but instead produces even more cravings.

This is why we recommend our Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment program in conjunction with the ibogaine treatment as a way to quickly, safely, and effectively detoxify from toxic substances. By working up a sweat, drugs and alcohol leave the body, which helps to purify the system.

Also, sweating out these toxins provides relief from withdrawal symptoms that accompany the first 24 hours of drug or alcohol cessation.

Our Sweat Lodge Sessions Promise a Spiritual Experience

Ibogaine essentially bypasses the entire withdrawal process and effectively eliminates cravings by resetting the brain to its pre-addicted state. This is why our ibogaine treatment program is so effective in treating opioid and alcohol addiction.

In addition to interrupting the addictive cycle, it is important to recognize that undergoing an ibogaine treatment is a deeply spiritual experience.

It also likes experiencing 10 years of therapy in one night. Many people say they go on a profound journey within, which allows them to get back in touch with their own spirituality.

By the time most people arrive at New Roots, they say they feel spiritually bankrupt. Addiction has a way of robbing people of their joy and unplugging them from their connection to the universe.

We help restore a feeling of connectedness by kicking off our seven-day ibogaine treatment with a session in our sweat lodge.

Sweat lodge ceremonies are about so much more than just sweating and detoxifying. They are purification rituals that allow participants to heal their minds, experience gratitude, and awaken to new possibilities. And, of course, Oscar is there to guide the way and oversee the experience.

Have a Problem With Addiction?

At New Roots, we are compassionate toward those who have lost their way because of an addiction to alcohol or drugs. If you have been struggling with substance abuse, we want you to find healing.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about joining our Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment Program.

Here's what one of our clients had to say about our Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment program.

Please call us for a free consultation at 1-855-513-3377. We are here to help. Our sweat lodge awaits you!

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