Ibogaine Treatment

Our program is designed to help you manage your withdrawal before treatment and eliminates withdrawals and cravings from substance use disorders. We designed the program to be individualized and flexible to first address the underlying causes like anxiety or depression. We maintain a high level of quality control and highly experienced medical staff to help you get your life back that’s why our Ibogaine Treatment center is the best addiction treatment center in San Diego, CA USA.

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid extracted from the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga Bush, native to West-Central Africa. The Bwiti and other indigenous people have used this medicine for medicinal, spiritual, and psychological purposes for hundreds of years. Ibogaine is highly effective at interrupting severe addictions to a number of different substances by addressing the underlying reasons that motivate the addiction.

Our goal is to deliver you from substance use without withdrawals or severe cravings so you can begin a new life. Our medical staff is lead by one of the most experienced Ibogaine Research Physicians in the world working with a cardiologist, American Cardiac Association (ACA) trained physicians, a psychologist, nurses, massage therapists, and traditional healers. Collectively our staff makes up the most experienced in this treatment and all these unique and distinctive qualities make our clinic from best ibogaine clinics.

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Is Ibogaine a Safe and Effective Treatment For Substance Abuse?

Is Ibogaine a Safe and Effective Treatment For Substance Abuse?

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Price of Ibogaine Treatment?

Price of Ibogaine Treatment?

The price of ibogaine treatment at New Roots varies on the needs of patients we tailor your program around your need so please contact us at this phone No (855) 513 3377 to give you a quote. Is this too expensive?  Well, if someone with a substance use disorder...

Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment Program

Sweat Lodge Ibogaine Treatment Program

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Our Facility

Our Ibogaine Treatment facility is located 1 hour south of the San Diego International border. Our beach house is beautiful and spacious, has 5 bedrooms all with private bathrooms and showers, and is right on the water. Most of your time is spent at the beach house with 24-hour medical care available.

At our center, you will be in the hands of trained professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our treatment itself is done in a full-service private hospital equipped with an emergency department, and medical ambulance service for any emergency that requires air transportation. If any other clinic has a medical emergency, they deliver you to the hospital we conduct our treatment in.

Recent scientific research has shown that Ibogaine repairs the damage addiction causes to the reward centers of the brain and leaves you fully detoxified with no withdrawals and no cravings. We have the safest medical treatment available, call to speak with an experienced member of our team for information about the best Ibogaine Treatment Center.

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Ibogaine has been clinically proven to reset your brain to a healthy baseline with no withdrawals and no cravings!  We have the safest medical treatment available, contact us to learn more. 



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