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About Us

At New Roots Ibogaine, we are dedicated to your journey towards healing. With our deep understanding of the complexities of addiction, we provide a compassionate and scientifically-backed approach to recovery. Our team of experts is committed to delivering personalized care that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each individual.

Empathetic and Professional Care: Our staff's dedication to understanding each patient's struggle ensures a supportive and empathetic recovery experience.
Holistic Treatment Philosophy: We embrace a holistic treatment philosophy that goes beyond detoxification to foster complete wellness.
Cutting-Edge Facilities: Our state-of-the-art treatment centers are designed with your comfort and recovery in mind.
Tailored Recovery Plans: We believe in creating personalized treatment plans that cater to the unique journey of each individual we help.
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Revolutionizing Recovery

Our Unique Treatment Approach

In the heart of New Roots Ibogaine lies a commitment to pioneering recovery through our unique treatment approach. By harnessing the transformative power of Ibogaine, we offer a beacon of hope for those entangled in the struggles of addiction. Our innovative methods are at the forefront of addiction therapy, providing a gateway to a life reclaimed.

Ibogaine, the cornerstone of our treatment, is a naturally occurring compound that is both a gentle and a formidable force in the fight against addiction. Under the compassionate guidance of our expert medical team, Ibogaine treatment becomes more than detoxification; it is a journey of self-discovery and renewal. This process is coupled with an individualized care plan, tailored specifically to each client, ensuring a holistic recovery that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. Our serene Mexican retreat provides the ideal setting for this profound transformation, where the tranquility of nature supports the inner work of healing. At New Roots, we are not just treating symptoms; we are cultivating wellness and empowering our clients to forge a sustainable path to long-term recovery.

A Sanctuary for Recovery

Inside Our Treatment Center

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Your First Step Towards Healing

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Why Choose Us

Experience Premier Iboga Therapy in Mexico
Choosing New Roots Ibogaine means entrusting your path to recovery to leading experts in iboga therapy dedicated to your transformation. As the best ibogaine treatment center in Mexico, our approach is rooted in scientific rigor and heartfelt personalized care crafted to address your unique journey. In the nurturing haven of our Mexican retreat, we promise a transformative experience that fosters lasting wellness. This journey is supported by our fully-equipped medical facility for ibogaine treatment, ensuring a safe and effective environment for your healing process.
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Expert Care Team: The Foundation of Healing
Empowering recovery with seasoned professionals
Serene Coastal Retreats: Your Sanctuary of Tranquility
Elevate your healing journey amidst breathtaking beach vistas
Compassionate Support: Your Ally on the Path to Wellness
Guiding you with care every step of the way
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Our Haven of Healing

A Glimpse into Our Facility

At New Roots Ibogaine, our haven of healing is designed to be a sanctuary for recovery, where every corner is crafted to support your journey to wellness. From the calming décor that echoes the natural beauty of our surroundings to the state-of-the-art amenities geared towards comfort and healing, our facility stands as a testament to our commitment to your wellbeing. Here, in the embrace of tranquility, you will find the ideal setting to renew, reflect, and revitalize.
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Voices of Victory: Stories of Triumph Over Addiction

Discover the transformative power of New Roots Ibogaine through our patients' testimonials, where stories of overcoming addiction and finding a fresh start with our ibogaine treatment resonate with hope. Let their journeys inspire you to take the first step towards recovery and a new chapter in life.

Journey to Recovery: The Heart of New Roots

Discover the powerful origins of New Roots Ibogaine through our video testimonials. Watch and listen as our founders share their personal stories, revealing the deep passion and commitment that laid the groundwork for what New Roots is today. These narratives are not just our history—they are the living proof of our dedication to your journey towards healing.
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A Commitment to Healing

Our Vision and Mission

At New Roots Ibogaine, our vision is to provide a sanctuary where healing begins with science and is delivered with compassion. Our mission is to offer the safest and most effective Ibogaine treatment, supported by the latest research and a team of dedicated professionals available around the clock. We pledge to guide you through a detoxification process that is not only thorough but also leaves you free from cravings, restoring balance to your life. Here, your journey to recovery is in the hands of the best—because your future deserves nothing less.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance that has been shown to repair addiction-caused damage in the brain's reward centers. It aids in detoxification, significantly reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
Our treatments take place in a dedicated full-service treatment center, designed to provide a private, comfortable, and secure environment fully equipped to support every aspect of your recovery journey and medical needs.
Our center provides 24/7 access to trained professionals and emergency services, ensuring immediate medical care is always available during your treatment.
Unlike other clinics, we offer a holistic approach in a full-service hospital setting, prioritizing your safety and comfort with accessible emergency care and personalized treatment plans.
Our primary Ibogaine treatment program spans 7 days, offering a comprehensive approach to detoxification and recovery.
Understanding the financial investment of Ibogaine treatments, we've partnered with a treatment lender to provide financial options, making the path to recovery more accessible.
For detailed information about our treatment programs, you can visit our testimonial section or contact us directly for a personal consultation.
Yes, our treatments are informed by recent scientific research and are continually updated to reflect new findings in the field of addiction treatment.
Certainly. We encourage you to listen to the powerful testimonials from our patients, which we feature prominently to provide real-life success stories.
To begin your journey with us, simply call our team for a personalized consultation. We're here to discuss your needs and how we can support your path to recovery.
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