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Tijuana Recovery Center

December 15, 2021
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By:  New Roots Ibogaine

Recovery is not just fixing the brain; recovery is healing the heart and soul. There are many wounds that need to be addressed. Often there are trauma issues early in life. Many people are affected due to their wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, children, or maybe some strangers. New Roots Tijuana Recovery Center is specialized in helping people recover from their mental illnesses. We truly individualize the treatment plan by looking at the person. How did this person get here, or what would have happened to them? What elements are involved about their co-occurring medical conditions, family of origin issues, job, and legal stressors? We look to figure out the best way to help that person and see what they need to have the life they want and deserve. 

The modalities that we use at our Tijuana Recovery Center provide an array of services, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing. People come in at different places of their stages of change, so we want to meet their needs to say what services are going to be beneficial for them.

New Roots Recovery House:

Our recovery house's mission is to provide a safe and relaxing environment for people suffering from serious mental illness, where they can learn to live with and manage their illness as independently as possible. To work productively, help others, and uphold those accomplishments throughout their lives as united and functional human beings.

How we take care:

How we talk to one person and how we motivate them for change will be different from how we motivate somebody else to meet their goals. We assess people individually, every week, every patient that comes through here. Their case gets staffed with a multi-disciplinary team so that we can be sure that we're providing people with what they need. We want to make sure that people have the opportunity to get their utmost care. 

We understand how difficult it is to come into treatment. We have professional staff that has personal experience, even in their own families. What makes us unique is our compassion and empathy. Our ability to connect with everybody where they're at and wherever they're starting this process is our asset.

One thing that patients often say that they're most surprised about is the peer connections that they make. They leave here with lifelong connections to other people. It doesn't matter where they're from what their background is. People connect on a fundamental basis through their addiction. 

Our primary mission as an Ibogaine treatment center is to evaluate and treat people with addiction and co-occurring medical and mental health conditions. We value and respect each person's individuality in our treatment programs, and we think that everyone can make progress and live rich, fulfilling lives without depression and any mental illness. The personal growth and development of individuals we serve are stabilized, nurtured, and enhanced. Thanks to our expertise and extensive range of evidence-based therapy options.

Make long-life friends here.

A lot of recoveries happen here, so peers help other peers. We have a campus that is conducive to a really warm and friendly environment. We could not be more grateful and be more proud to be part of our team. The people involved truly care about what they're doing and enjoy working with each other and having been around for a while, that's something special to be part of that none of our team members takes for granted.

Why Choose New Roots Tijuana Recovery Center?

Personalized attention

Get access to a wide range of mental health and addiction treatment specialties.

Multi-specialty medical staff

Take full benefit of our nationally-recognized team's experience in treating mental illness.

Therapy-based Treatment

With our evidence-based care, you'll learn new skills and tools

Proven results

You can look at treatment outcome studies to see if our remedies are effective.

Your life will change:

Hear what former patients had to say about why Tijuana recovery center was the right fit for them.

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