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Is Ibogaine Treatment a Scam? Read Here!!!


Is Ibogaine Treatment a Scam? Is Ibogaine Treatment Your Last Resort?

If you have a substance use disorder, chances are you have tried – and failed – many times on your own to quit abusing drugs or alcohol. You may have even checked yourself into one or more addiction treatment programs in a sincere attempt to change your life. Or, perhaps you have attended a 12-Step recovery program like Alcoholics Anonymous, but it didn’t help. It is not uncommon for people to spend a precious amount of time and resources seeking a solution to the problem of addiction before they start researching ibogaine.

By the time most people learn about ibogaine treatment, they have made multiple attempts to get their substance use disorder under control by pursuing other avenues. Frustrated, skeptical, and hopeless; they start doing research on “alternative addiction treatment therapies.” As a last resort, they consider ibogaine treatment.

We think this is unfortunate. At New Roots Ibogaine, we are doing what we can to get the word out about this life-changing approach to addiction treatment. We want people to find freedom from their substance use disorder NOW and pursue this as a first option. Addiction is life-threatening. We believe an ibogaine treatment is an ultimate solution.

This plant medicine offers a powerful antidote to the unrelenting cycle of substance abuse. Because it is highly effective, we intend to situate ibogaine treatment on the front lines of the global fight to end addiction once and for all. We believe this should be the first and final addiction therapy pursued by those who have a substance use disorder.

Is Ibogaine Treatment a Scam?

At this point, you may be wanting an answer to the question, “Is ibogaine treatment a scam?” Sadly, we talk to quite a few potential clients who ask us this question. Many are afraid they are going to be tricked or fooled in some way. They approach this addiction treatment method with extreme caution and suspicion. This is not surprising, but we want to set the record straight.

Ibogaine treatment is NOT A SCAM. It is the real deal, backed by research. We have helped hundreds of clients break the chains of addiction and regain control of their lives. If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, we can help you find freedom too.

Why Do People Think Ibogaine Treatment is a Scam?

There are three main reasons why people are concerned that ibogaine treatment is a scam. Let’s address this one by one.

  1. This plant medicine has gotten a reputation as a miracle cure – especially for treating heroin addiction. Many of those who have undergone an ibogaine treatment is quick to tell the world their addiction was cured overnight. Because it sounds too good to be true, people think it must be a scam. This is simply NOT THE CASE! This is a legitimate addiction treatment therapy backed by research. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have taken ibogaine and put an end to the destructive cycle of addiction that once consumed their lives.
  1. People don’t understand how this stuff works. It is still considered an alternative addiction treatment therapy and hasn’t become mainstream – YET. For this reason, many people think ibogaine treatment is a scam. They don’t understand it, so, therefore (they think) it can’t be legit. Here’s a quick lesson: ibogaine attaches to the mu-opioid receptor in the brain and resets it. This restores the inner workings of the mind to its pre-addicted state, which eliminates cravings and bypasses the withdrawal process. It is especially effective in treating opioid addiction. There it is, in a nutshell. More than anything, here’s what we want you to know – you don’t have to know HOW ibogaine works….. you only need to know that it DOES work!
  1. Ibogaine is illegal in the United States. This is a psychedelic substance that causes hallucinations. For this reason, this plant medicine has been banned in the U.S. However; it is unregulated here in Mexico, which allows us to provide treatment to clients. Because it is legally taboo in the U.S., people feel leery about traveling to Mexico for treatment. This is understandable. However; we want you to know that at New Roots, we offer luxury accommodations and exceptional medical care from the most qualified doctors in our area.
  1. You must pay privately for your treatment – it is not covered by insurance. Many think ibogaine treatment is a scam because you have to pay for it in cash. This leads people to believe that places like New Roots just want to take the money and run without providing effective addiction treatment to clients. NOT TRUE! A one-week stay with us costs only a small fraction of what the typical American treatment center charges for 30-days of treatment. AND, the average conventional treatment center has only a 15 percent success rate – which is no success rate at all! Our main objective is to treat addiction so that our clients can return home drug and alcohol-free so they can get on with the joy of living. We do this for a very affordable fee.

Still, Concerned Ibogaine Treatment is a Scam?

Here is the reality of the situation – there is no real way for you to know with certainty that ibogaine works to treat addiction until you experience it for yourself. We understand you might be skeptical or even fearful about coming to us for treatment. After all, if you are pursuing this as a last resort, nothing has worked for you so far. Why should you think this will be any different?

We can tell you over and over again that ibogaine treatment is not a scam – and it’s not! But, we get the fact that you may still have doubts.

Below, we have provided a testimonial from one of our many satisfied clients. Maybe hearing it from someone who has come to us for help – and found relief from cravings and withdrawal with an ibogaine treatment – will help you make up your mind.

Check out (insert name’s) experience here at New Roots. He is not an actor. He is one of the many addicted people we have helped with an ibogaine treatment:

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