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Finding Freedom From Addiction With an Ibogaine Treatment


Finding Freedom From Addiction With an Ibogaine Treatment

At New Roots, we offer Finding Freedom From Addiction With An Ibogaine Treatment. The objective is to break the cycle of addiction. This happens through induced psychoanalysis. to our patients as a solution to the problem of drug and alcohol addiction. Studies have shown that this plant medicine is an effective way to stop the cycle of substance abuse. Whether you are addicted to heroin, prescription painkillers, cocaine, crystal meth, alcohol or other types of addictive substances, we can help. An ibogaine treatment almost completely eliminates withdrawal symptoms and acts as a kind of “reset button” that restores balance to the brain’s circuitry. After a week-long stay with us, patients have a new outlook on life and addiction becomes a thing of the past.

During An Ibogaine Treatment, There Is Work To Be Done

Undergoing an ibogaine treatment is not intended to be a nonsensical “drug trip” taken just for kicks. While many people take psychedelics like LSD or so-called “magic mushrooms” for recreational purposes, this hallucinogenic substance is not meant for recreational use. It is designed to be used as a therapeutic tool that promotes significant changes in thinking and behavior. An ibogaine treatment creates an introspective experience that empowers people to break the chains of addiction. This is accomplished by confronting underlying fears, reconciling unresolved issues that led to the addiction in the first place, healing trauma, and making peace with the past. Some have said an ibogaine treatment is like experiencing 10 years of therapy in one night. The substance creates a pleasant psychedelic experience that brings deeply rooted issues to the surface so they can be dealt with. This allows a type of self-awareness not usually experienced by the conscious mind. The subconscious is what drives addiction. When it is healed, there is no need to continue to abuse drugs or alcohol.

An Ibogaine Treatment Can Be A Spiritual Experience

The beauty of an ibogaine treatment at New Roots is that it takes our patients on a type of mental, spiritual, and emotional metaphysical journey. It can be considered a type of induced psychoanalysis or forced meditation state. It is totally unlike the typical medical detox program, which is often described as painful and uncomfortable (and, largely ineffective for promoting ongoing sobriety).  Ibogaine treatment is almost always described as a profound spiritual experience that allows someone to overcome a substance use disorder in a very short time. Most people who receive this type of treatment do not experience any withdrawal symptoms from their drug of choice. They recover quickly and are ready to start their new drug-free life.

The Three Phases of the Ibogaine Experience

One research study identified three distinct phases of ibogaine treatment:

  1. Phase One (First Hour): Visual and physical perceptions begin to change. There might be an interruption to coordination, especially in the lower body. This is the onset of the ibogaine journey. It is when the drug starts to take effect.
  2. Phase Two (1-7 Hours): This is often called “the waking dream state.” During this period, patients lie down and close their eyes. Their mind takes them on a type of “trip.” They experience vivid hallucinations, powerful emotions, changes in their perception, and a distorted sense of time and space. While these images and sensations are very powerful, patients can escape or alter their experience by simply opening their eyes.
  3. Phase Three (8-36 hours): This is often called “the cognitive phase of deep introspection.” In the third phase, the body feels as if it is asleep while the spirit feels fully awake. There is a type of intellectual evaluation of earlier life experiences. Previous choices are assessed. Perhaps for the first time, a patient may realize that they could have made a different choice at some point in the past. This allows the brain to comprehend that it can make different choices going forward.

An ibogaine treatment at New Roots takes place at a medical facility under the care of a team of healthcare professionals. Patients are monitored around-the-clock to ensure comfort and safety during all three phases.

Physical and Psychological Restoration After An Ibogaine Treatment

When one of our patients completes their ibogaine treatment, they come back to our beautiful beachfront facility located just 60 miles south of San Diego, Calif. Here, they engage in physical activities like yoga and horseback riding to reinvigorate their bodies. They also receive a rejuvenating massage to release any residual tension. Also, as part of their recovery process, patients meet one-on-one with a psychologist to process their experience. They also attend group counseling with peers who have completed an ibogaine treatment. This type of talk therapy is very beneficial to patients. It allows them to make sense of whatever thoughts, memories, or images that came to them during their treatment.

Want To Learn About How You Could Benefit From Ibogaine Treatment?

Are you considering an ibogaine treatment as a way to put an end to your addiction to drugs and alcohol? We believe this is the most effective and efficient way to overcome a substance use disorder. Call us at (855) 513-3377. We will tell you what to expect during your seven-day stay with us.

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