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Pain-relieving medication has been known to help with severe injuries. Still, it also has addictive effects without medical supervision and leads to emotional and mental wounds for you and your loved ones.


Find new ways to get dopamine. Meth offers a false sense of energy that damages your receptors little by little.


Even if it’s more sociably acceptable, it’s brave to identify when it becomes a problem. Booze isn’t indispensable when it comes to having a good time.


The way to treat opioid addiction is not to become addicted to something else. We can help you heal naturally from both substances.


This drug has been a major cause of death among opioids in the United States. Do not become a number, you can overcome withdrawal and start a new life.


We do not suggest canceling one addiction with another. You should get real, healing treatment.


If you do not have ADHD or visit a psychiatrist, this drug is not meant for you. There are better and healthier ways to get dopamine for the ones who don’t fit those categories.


The most common-party drug and a deadly adversary. Choose your life over temporary euphoria.

ibogaine treatment center - Ibogaine program Mexico


Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid extracted from the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga Bush, native to West-Central Africa. The Bwiti and other indigenous people have used this medicine for medicinal, spiritual, and psychological purposes for hundreds of years. Learn more about New Roots Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico.

 Ibogaine is highly effective at interrupting severe addictions to a number of different substances by addressing the underlying reasons that motivate the addiction. Our Clinic is Best Ibogaine Treatment Center.

Our goal is to deliver you from substance use without withdrawals or severe cravings so you can begin a new life. Our medical staff is led by one of the most experienced Ibogaine Research Physicians in the world working with a cardiologist, American Cardiac Association (ACA) trained physicians, a psychologist, nurses, massage therapists, and traditional healers. Collectively our staff makes up the most experienced in this treatment and all these unique and distinctive qualities make our clinic the best ibogaine clinic for Ibogaine rehab.

Ibogaine has been clinically proven to reset your brain to a healthy baseline with no withdrawals and no cravings! We have the safest medical treatment available, contact us to learn more about Ibogaine Treatment Center.

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Ibogaine Treatment Center | New Roots

Rated as one of the best ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico. Our Treatment facility is located 1 hour south of the San Diego International border. Our beach house is beautiful and spacious, has 5 bedrooms all with private bathrooms and showers, and is right on the water. Most of your time is spent at the beach house with 24-hour medical care available.

Vision & Mission

At our center, you will be in the hands of trained professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our treatment itself is done in a full-service private hospital equipped with an emergency department, and medical ambulance service for any emergency that requires air transportation. If any other clinic has a medical emergency, they deliver you to the hospital we conduct our treatment in.

Recent scientific research has shown that Ibogaine repairs the damage addiction causes to the reward centers of the brain and leaves you fully detoxified with no withdrawals and no cravings. We have the safest medical treatment available, call to speak with an experienced member of our team for information about the best Ibogaine Treatment Center In Mexico. Best Ibogaine Clinic.


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Anna Gustafson
Anna Gustafson
Google Review
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New Roots provides an exceptionally professional and supportive experience! I have been seeking deeper answers to so many questions for so long...i knew that there were traumas i couldn't remember from childhood that would explain bad habits...i had done my research on ibogaine and my experience with new roots from start to finish was outstanding and exceeded my expectations. the diversity of other people there for treatment surprised me but i still felt that i got a truly personal experience.
Heady Riff
Heady Riff
Google Review
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was beyond lost, caught in a deep cycle of recurring addictions that truly felt like a tail spin. Swaping from one thing to the next, never really treating my self. The new roots experience was like the unveiling of pure healing... a hug from the universe to the Nth degree.. it lead me towards, I should say directly into a life changing transformation. I felt so comfortable with the staff I was able to go so much deeper into my inner self than I ever thought I would be able to. It's hard to dictate how wonderful this experience is, there wasn't a moment that past where I didn't feel completely safe and in control. Without a doubt I would reccomend this experience to everyone and this facility was beyond my expectations.
Heady Riff
Heady Riff
Google Review
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I can't recommend New Roots enough! Such a beautiful experience. Marco and Dr. Lara are the best!
Christina Hughes
Christina Hughes
Google Review
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I called every center before choosing New Roots. They do it in a hospital, the doctor knows what the heck he's doin, the sweat lodge and 5m ceremony brought healing tears to my eyes. I cannot recommend them enough!!!
Evan Ozmat
Evan Ozmat
Google Review
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You find out how amazing New Roots is. Maybe you know from day 1 maybe on day 6 or maybe a week after you leave. This work that you’re here to do is supported immensely by the doctors, staff, your family / love ones and your spirit. My ibogaine experience was so profound, beautiful and healing. The toad is the most! Be vulnerable, surrender to the medicine, know you are safe and loved and your experience will be like mine.
ibogaine treatment in Mexico
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Ibogaine Treatment Center - ibogaine treatment in Mexico
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Ibogaine Treatment Mexico FAQs

Ibogaine can be really helpful for folks struggling with addiction. It’s got potential in treating substance abuse, especially with opioids and other addictive stuff. Research suggests it could ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings, which makes it quite promising for those looking to break free from the grips of addiction.

Ibogaine is this natural compound found in the roots of the African Tabernanthe iboga plant. It’s got some mind-bending properties, but what’s really interesting is how it might help with addiction. When you take ibogaine, it interacts with the brain’s neurotransmitter systems, like dopamine and serotonin. This interaction seems to reset and restore certain pathways, helping to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms from drugs.

Ibogaine isn’t your typical drug, it’s not something you’d find at a party. It’s actually a naturally occurring psychoactive thingamajig. Some places label it as a controlled substance due to its trippy effects, but it’s not addictive itself. Instead, it’s being studied for its potential to help folks dealing with addiction.

The African plant you’re asking about is called Tabernanthe iboga. The locals have been using it in their traditional rituals for ages. It’s from this plant that they get the psychoactive compound ibogaine. The African plant renowned for its relevance in addiction treatment is none other than Tabernanthe iboga. Within this plant, the psychoactive compound ibogaine is present. For generations, indigenous communities in Africa have utilized iboga in their traditional rituals. In contemporary times, it has garnered considerable attention in Western medicine for its potential role in supporting addiction recovery efforts.

Well, opinions vary on this one, but some folks consider Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) to be one of the big players. It’s a herbal thing from Southeast Asia that packs a punch. People dig it for its pain-relieving and stimulating effects. But hey, “powerful” means different stuff to different people, ya know?

The consumption of the iboga plant or its derivative, ibogaine, may engender various side effects. Frequently reported adverse reactions include nausea, emesis, tremors, and impaired motor coordination. Moreover, given its hallucinogenic nature, vivid sensory experiences are not uncommon. It is imperative to recognize that iboga plant substances can pose risks, particularly for individuals with certain pre-existing medical conditions. Consequently, responsible administration under the supervision of trained medical professionals in controlled settings is highly advocated.