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Nutrition and Ibogaine Treatment

December 20, 2018
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By:  New Roots Ibogaine
Nutrition and Ibogaine Treatment:

Nutrition Should Always Be Considered During An Ibogaine Treatment. At New Roots, we combine your ibogaine treatment with wellness programs to address all aspects of the recovering person.

Of course, it all starts with an ibogaine treatment as the core detox tool for physical recovery. But, we also have added several types of cognitive-behavioral therapies, kundalini yoga, qigong, acupuncture, coursework from the program of your choice, Chinese medicine and functional medicine to treat addiction from all sides: mind, body, and spirit.

We also believe nutrition is an integral part of ibogaine treatment. In this article, we will talk about the importance of a proper diet and explain how it should be used in conjunction with ibogaine treatment. So Nutrition and Ibogaine Treatment has link to each other.

Why We Think Nutrition is Important

From first-hand experience, and following extensive study, we have found that years of substance abuse results in the depletion of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. This will often lead to cravings and prolong the recovery process.

Also, our bodies need a variety of nutrients that come from different foods. Usually, people who have a substance use disorder have horrible diets and don’t take care of their physical bodies. A nutrient deficiency can interfere with mood and the recovery process. If nutrient deficiency continues, it can evolve into more serious problems like clinical depression.

The Negative Impact of Poor Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Not eating, or eating badly, creates stress on the body. When patients get here, we immediately address physical health and wellness for obvious reasons. If the body is in distress due to poor nutrition, detoxing is going to come second. At New Roots, we’re giving you healthy, balanced food so your body can create the energy to detox and stabilize.

Our Food Philosophy At New Roots

Here, we have a multifaceted approach to ibogaine treatment and food is a big part of the process. Our functional medicine practitioner has a healing philosophy when it comes to nutrition, ibogaine treatment, and preventing relapse. When she develops meal plans, she considers what patients have been eating or not eating before they arrive. She wants to bring them into a more balanced, stable routine through food.

Our functional medicine practitioner creates food plans that are medicinal. We believe the wider variety of foods you eat, the more nutrients you bring into your body. We want to bring patients more nutrient-dense food that is easier to digest – food that is full of antioxidants.

Meal plans include a wide variety of foods – among them colored vegetables and fruits. We also provide protein at least twice a day to keep blood sugar balanced during the detoxification process. And, we serve green juices and wheatgrass shots. Wheatgrass is a mega super food that supports the brain, digestion, liver, and blood.

How Nutrition is Incorporated Into Our Ibogaine Treatment

Our intention is that people come here to heal, and they shouldn’t have to worry about food. If they’re coming from the street, the emergency room, or a hotel, this will be a huge upgrade. Our goal is to utilize food and ibogaine treatment to help patients celebrate recovery from substance abuse.

We start to slowly switch patients to whole foods during the initial detox phase but allow for plenty of low-glycemic sweets and desserts from natural sweeteners. As soon as the initial detox has been accomplished, we like to minimize or eliminate possible sources of nutritional stress like sugar, caffeine, salt, flour, and gluten.

Gluten is an inflammatory food and we’re trying to reduce inflammation. It affects brain function. Those who are coming off drugs and alcohol have already compromised their brain function. Patients need their brains running optimally. Gluten might prevent effective nutrient absorption. We have plenty of gluten substitutes.

How We Get Prepared For Your Diet Plan

During the first few phone calls with incoming patients, we will create a customized ibogaine treatment plan. We want everyone who comes to New Roots to experience lasting sobriety. We believe this starts with proper nutrition. We strongly believe that food is medicine, which is why have worked very hard to create a whole food meal plan prepared by excellent chefs.

We want our patients to heal from the inside. It is our goal to help their bodies to recover and stabilize from years of substance abuse. In preparation to work with ibogaine treatment, we establish a healthy diet that can be easily followed from home after treatment.

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