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Iboga vs Ayahuasca. What is the Difference?

What is the Difference Between Ayahuasca and Ibogaine

Iboga vs Ayahuasca

Iboga vs Ayahuasca are often compared. Many people make the mistake, In this article, we are discussing what is the Difference Between Iboga vs Ayahuasca? There are very few studies out there about ibogaine. However; interest in ibogaine research is on the rise. As the addiction epidemic continues to ravage communities worldwide, many scientists are pursuing opportunities to learn more about this psychedelic plant medicine. Specifically, they are interested in how it can bring healing to those who are addicted.

One such scientist is Dr. Ignacio Carrera, a world-renowned chemist.

Carrera works as an assistant professor at the Universidad de la República in Uruguay. His research interest lies in the preparation of small molecules for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. He obtained his PhD in organic chemistry in Universidad de la República and coursed his postdoctoral studies at Columbia University in the city of New York.

So, if ever there was an expert we could turn to for answers about ibogaine, Dr. Carrera is the man.

Understanding Ibogaine and the Brain

iboga vs ayahuascaMost people have never heard of this form of addiction treatment. Those who have heard of its potential to reduce drug cravings and eliminate withdrawal symptoms want to learn more. One of the most common questions potential clients ask us is, “How does ibogaine work in the brain to end addiction?”

Let’s refer to how Dr. Carrera answered this question in an article he wrote entitled, “How the Psychedelic Ibogaine May Heal, Repair & Protect the Brain.”

“Using a computer as a metaphor, ibogaine has effects on both the hardware (e.g., neural circuitry, and neurotransmitters and their receptors) and software (e.g., personality, ego structure) of the brain,” Carrera said. “Effects on the software are very potent because of the psychedelic nature of the drug, and a lot of users have claimed that the insight gained by these effects has allowed them to pursue profound changes in their lives, including changing their relationship with their drugs of abuse.”

He added, “Regarding the hardware, ibogaine has effects on several receptors in the brain and in the neurotransmitter systems. Especially important for our ongoing research is that ibogaine can promote the release of small proteins called neurotrophic factors in some parts of the brain.”

According to Carrera, neurotrophic factors are substances that promote survival. They also repair and protect processes in brain tissue. Additionally, neurotrophic substances can promote neurogenesis, which is the generation of new neurons from progenitor cells. Carrera says these substances are vital to the development and function of the nervous system (which is sharply affected by addiction.)

Is There a Way to Reset the Brain With Ibogaine?

At New Roots, we talk a lot about ibogaine’s ability to “reset” the brain and return it back to its pre-addicted state. In his own words, Carrera echoes this assertion.

“Since ibogaine can promote the release of these neurotrophic factors in some regions of the brain, it is proposed it could repair and protect the damaged neural circuits involved in drug addiction,” he said.

We just provided a rather scientific explanation of how ibogaine works in the brain to end addiction. Many people are interested in having this information because they want a research-based answer to the question of how this plant medicine affects the brain. Other people aren’t quite as interested in the science behind ibogaine. They just want to know if the stuff works so they can find freedom from addiction.

More on How Ibogaine Effects the Brain

Now that we have appealed to those who want science-driven data to back our claim that ibogaine can end addiction, let’s talk in simpler terms.

During an ibogaine treatment, the patient experiences a psychedelic trip that often shows them two paths. On the first path, they will see what would happen if they were to continue to use drugs. On the second path, they will see what life would be like if they were to stop.

Ibogaine can also show patients their past through a new prism. They can view old and sometimes forgotten memories in a new light; helping them to understand why they used drugs in the first place. This provides tremendous insight into their addiction. This allows them to make a conscious choice about how they want to live life – addicted or drug-free.

We have seen hundreds of our patients stop their addiction because of ibogaine. If you are ready to stop the addictive cycle in your life, we can help you too.

A clients experience with ibogaine:



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