Marco you’re a really good person you really try to help. You can see when there is a problem and you attend to it. You need to set setup more mind test. You help me to stay calm. I look forward see you again.​

Jacob Grayr

I came from a treatment background. I harmed at a few different ones, and love others. Been a patient at a few American treatment centers. I never believed in conventional treatment after watching many people walking in out and dying after relapse. I’ve learned about ibogaine a long time ago and always wanted to do it. After a 6 months of heroin relapse starting to feel withdrawals again. I’m so grateful my insurance didn’t cover all of conventional treatment so I push financially to be able to cover this type of treatment, I’m so glad I did. Staff treat the patients with so much love acceptance and patience. Dr. G is incredibly knowledgeable about the medicine; this is the safest place to possibly do it. Tyson is an angel teaches you to be a solid sober person. Ibogaine is terrifying but life changing. And yes ¨0¨ withdrawals I have a highly chance of my life back. I was giving my happiness and hard back. Thank you.


Beautiful staff and loving vibes reside here!

Tom Bertini

Marco: youre an absolutely AMAZING person with a heart of gold, you make my stay here unforgettable one. Remember life isn’t always fair but the kind of people we are when it treats us unfairly is the true measure of a person, let you love for life, family and new roots be you guiding light. You will be my friend for life.

The cook: you are one of the gods blessed creations, always smile.

Laura: Smile more, you are beautiful.

Oscar: the completeness of the program and myself, was in a large part because you!! Keep up gods work, we’ll be surfing soon.

Dr. G: fight, fight, fight for ibogaine, you’re a good man.

All the nurses: you are so kind and gentle and made this an incredible experience.

IBOGAINE. Simply put, miracle drug. I am the happy energetic self I was prior to my heroin addiction thankful beyond measure it is available. Embrace let go, be reborn!

Toad: has to be done to complete the cycle, its beyond worth it.

Carlos: thank you for fighting to keep this place going! You are doing gods work.

Mark Miller

Thank you for all your compassion and care helping me overcome the biggest challenge of my life!, I want to specially thank the doctors and staff who treated us so well . I think coming here was a huge help to getting off on the right foot in recovery. Just keep at it and this business will flourish as people learn about ibogaine. Thank you for all your kindness.

Ash M.

My experience has been nothing but good at new roots, from the staff, dr.G, and counsolers everyone treat me with respect. This has been a long journey for me, but my treatment here might have gotten into the light to see better days.


After decades of seeking help from western traditional medicine – each stop leading to disappointment- I began researching ibogaine and waited 4 years to attain treatment here. The experience was mystical, from the first meeting with the kind, gentle, and intelligent staff to the clinic.

Journey with ibogaine and the ceremonies between other medicines a totally new experience, won the best time in 20 years, I walk away from a treatment experience free from the chains that held me and with hope.

Christina Hughes

The experience with ibogaine and new roots has been amazing from the start. The staff makes me feel very comfortable and eased any doubts I have before arriving. I’ve been angry and depressed all my life and addicted to one form of drug since I was 14. Ibogaine is simply a miracle…. For the first time in my life I woke up feeling grateful!! That im alive… I have a vision while on ibogine that my spirit was getting brighter and brighter: like for the fist time in my life I was connected to my true self. Thank you.

Allen Young

When I came here I was spiritually and physically broken, the dark cloud of heroin addiction had chasing me over years. The day after ibogaine treatment it was gone, the dark cloud had been lifted. My advice is to go on with an open mind and LISTEN to what dr. G tells you!

I feel like 12 again. Finally, Marco help me figured out who am I…. I’m a son, an uncle, a brother a nephew and friend that honors this grateful thing called LIFE!! Figured out who you are and love yourself.

Love the señoritas here, gracias por la comida. Thank you Carlos and dr. G.

Mike Miller

You guys are amazing. Never stop being you. I’ll think of you guys allot.

Save travels & endless love


My experience at new roots was an amazing one, I was on a 10 years’ addiction to heroin topping out at 3 grams a day and fucking hopeless. I’d been in 16 ¨TRADITIONALS¨ rehabs only to relapse as soon I hit the streets again.

The hole staff was amazing, caring and attentive. I wanted for nothing and the made it as comfortable for me as possible, I did have slight withdrawals after the ibogaine treatment but nothing compare to kicking at home or worse In jail. I want to thank the whole staff from Marco, Carlos, Dr. G, the shaman, and those angels in the Kitchen

With open mind and heart.

Sean Melendez

I had a great time I will never forget the people and experiences I had here.


Coming here was the scariest thing I have ever done. I came sleep deprived, depressed, BEYOND anxious. I was also miserable despite the fact the entire staff and doctors couldn’t have been nicer to me.

I don’t know if I’m the typical ibogaine candidate, I’m an alcoholic.

Alcohol is my biggest problem it has completed ruined my life. After the ibogaine treatment the depression and anxiety subsided. It’s still there but definitely a lot better. Sleeping the pas 2 nights helped too. Thank you to everyone here, including the other patients I was here with, for being so kind and helpful-

Julie Bagley

Ive had a wonderful time and have hight hopes. Ive never been able to have a detox without being uncomfortable, this was to easy. Love. 


This was the hardest things I have ever done in my life- getting an electrical engineering degree is much easier than what I experienced.

Regardless of my moods: my emotions the staff was warm, kind and always here to help. Marco, you are one of a kind, and if I don’t see you again in this life I pray we meet again in the next, thank you for loving me and never leaving my side.

I love all of you very much and Marco, when is time to face my maker I will remember you,


I had a great experience at new roots! The Ibogaine was a miracle for Detoxing, I had very little symptoms of withdrawls afterwords but I was 95% better overnight with little to NO withrawls. The 5-meo DMT was the most aye opening and FREEING experience I ever had, I felt reborn and like all my fears drifted away. The staff was also amazing! they take great care of us day and night. The food was also good as well as healthy. Abby was a great cook can support any type of diet you might have. Dr G. and the other drs and nurses were also very friendly and professional. Marco is an amazing person as well and really helped me talk thru some things and I’m very grateful to him and will definitely be in touch. An amazing help, really talked to me and help me see things different.

David Oleary

My experience with new roots and ibogaine was and absolutely life changing experience. I’m a new man and I think for the first time in my life I can say that I love myself, and that the demons of my past are gone!!!

IBOGAINE, thank you! I’m free of my heroin addiction I can say that I will be sober for the rest of my life.

Dewar Gaines

All I have to say is every day will be a little bit easier, just trust in the process and try to be nice!


Marco you have been the best friend here, you made my time here pass so smooth and nice, I was scared to come here, but when I met you I was like home, you are amazing guy.

Everyone here has been awesome from the first day, food excellent, house is the best I seen in Mexico, I will come and visit you every year I promise.

Raymon Akhnana

I came to new roots feeling broken, depressed, sad, guilty, addicted, and hopeless…

This experience with ibogaine and ¨the FROG¨ has restore me to sanity…

God im open to your miracles and this is one huge miracle and blessing…

All the staff has become my familia…

Blessings on each and every one of you. Thank you for the healing… thank you for the food coma

Now I must go… there is a life to live…


You find out how amazing new roots is. Maybe you know from day 1 maybe on day 6 or maybe a week after you leave. This work that you’re here to do is supported immensely by the doctors, staff, your family / love ones and your spirit. My ibogaine experience was so profound, beautiful and healing. The toad is a most! Be vulnerable, surrender to the medicine, know you are safe and loved and your experience will be like mine.


This place is fabulous!!! The whole staff fron Dr. G and Carlos. All the way down gets an A+. I am hopeful about not relapsing for the first time in many, many, many moons. For that I am grateful beyond words!

Muchas gracias Amigos!

Mike Youmans

Before ibogaine I really thought that drugs would end my life I couldn’t stop and I just hate everything about that. When I first got to new roots I was hunting but they make you feel better all the staff is very nice and carrying. Well to get to it ibogaine saved my life I no longer crave drugs and I am genuinely happy again which motivates me to never go back to the dark world of drugs.

Thank you for saving my life.

Martin Chazaro

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