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Addiction VS Physical Dependence

December 19, 2021
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By:  New Roots Ibogaine

Addiction VS Physical Dependence

Being a layman, we often confuse the terms addiction and physical dependence. However, they have distinct definitions and phenomena to elucidate in medical terminology. This raises this confusion among the masses because some organizations describe both terms with interchangeable definitions. It makes people take them as synonyms, and they are not able to distinguish between them. Since it is important for both the caregivers and individuals to learn their difference, one can predict whether the symptoms showing up are of addiction or physical dependence.

This article about addiction vs. physical dependence guides an ordinary man to understand the difference between these terms. Though there is a very thin line between them, the points of demarcation are a must to know. For treatment please visit rehabs in Mexico.

What Is Physical Dependence?

Physical dependence occurs with long-term use of a substance of abuse. It can be anything from prescribed medications to alcohol or recreational drugs. When a person keeps using a potential drug of abuse, a point comes where his body will develop tolerance against the specific amount of ingestion. These substances of abuse tend to affect the reward center of your brain to a certain extent that, as a result, make you feel euphoric (high, sense of pleasure). If you keep using the same amount after your body develops tolerance, that will no longer be “effective.” It means that you have to increase your dosages to enjoy the same pleasure.

The Symptoms or Effects

As its name implies, the symptoms of physical dependence also appear physically. The physical symptoms are tolerance and withdrawal. Since your body can't feel the same pleasure on previous doses, you start craving for higher doses. And if you don't increase the dose, it won't trigger your reward center in the brain, and you will experience some behavioral changes as well. Despite all these effects, the person having physical dependency will have control of his life and can also make decisions.

What Is Addiction?

In addition, a few things are similar to physical dependence such as, it is also a chronic condition that occurs from long-term abuse of drugs. The same feeling of euphoria is experienced by the addicts as the reward center is triggered. However, in this case, it is more impulsive. Dependence can be without addiction, but addiction always comes with physical dependence. Here, the symptoms observed are of two types: physical and mental.

The Symptoms or Effects

The withdrawal symptoms are also experienced in the case of addiction. However, they are far more painful than physical dependence. In addition, despite knowing that the substance is not benefiting him, either way, he continues to use it. It demonstrates that the substance of abuse becomes his priority and is above everything for him, even his wellbeing.  For addiction treatment, Mexico Ibogaine treatment centers are the best choice.

Addicts are not capable to perform their routine activities without someone’s assistance. Therefore, it greatly affects both their work-life and home life. They don’t remain strong enough to make decisions losing control of everything. Their condition gets worse with time if not controlled at an earlier stage.

Final Words For Addiction VS Physical Dependence

We have often seen professionals and organizations taking a smart move by replacing both the terms mentioned above with another term called Substance Use Disorder. This happens to put a full stop to the debate of addiction vs physical dependence.

Substance Use Disorder is a medical condition that progresses with time if not treated at earlier stages. We can say that physical dependence is the first phase of this disorder. And if it is not diagnosed and treated on time will lead to addiction that is the next phase of the disease.

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