Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction

New Roots Ibogaine Clinic: What to Expect

New Roots Ibogaine Clinic: What to Expect

Are Ibogaine  Clinics a Miracle Cure For Addiction?

Word on the street is that ibogaine clinics are a miracle cure for addiction. We won’t go so far as to make this claim. However; we will say our ibogaine clinic has been life-changing for people all over the world looking for a solution to the problem of addiction and New Roots Ibogaine Clinic is far best than others.

ibogaine plant
Photo: Tabernanthe iboga. Via: Marco Schmidt | Wikimedia Commons — Licensed by Creative Commons 2.5

Just one treatment of ibogaine can interrupt the addictive cycle and help someone get their life back on track. While most conventional addiction treatment programs recommend a month’s stay or longer, our ibogaine clinic program is only seven days.

Studies have shown that ibogaine effectively eliminates cravings and greatly lessens withdrawal symptoms for those who want to quit using heroin or prescription opioids. This plant medicine is also helpful to those who are addicted to alcohol, crystal meth, cocaine, and other addictive substances.

We have helped hundreds of clients put an end to their addiction to alcohol, heroin, prescription painkillers, and other addictive substances in our ibogaine clinic. If you want to find freedom from a substance use disorder, we can help you too.

We Are a Reputable Luxury Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico

Many people are hesitant to travel to a Mexican ibogaine clinic. They are afraid for their safety, they don’t trust the facility, and they are not sure treatment will work. We totally understand why you feel this way.

Traveling to another country and putting your well-being into the hands of strangers can be scary. We work hard to build trust with potential patients so they will feel more at ease about coming to stay at our luxury ibogaine clinic.

We know that addiction is life-threatening. With the opioid epidemic happening in the United States and around the world, there has never been a greater need for ibogaine clinics. We approach addiction treatment as a life or death situation because it is. We are serious about saving lives. We care about our patients and want them to leave our facility excited about living a sober lifestyle.

About Our Mexico Ibogaine Clinic

Our clinic has all the certifications, licenses, and permits required to comply with Mexico law. Ibogaine is an unregulated substance in Mexico, but we are held to the highest standards because we are caring for patients receiving addiction treatment.

New Roots is a state-of-the-art ibogaine clinic. We are fully staffed by an exceptional and experienced team of scientists, psychologists, nurses, and support personnel. At New Roots, our main objective is the well-being of our patients.

Our ibogaine clinic in Mexico is the best-equipped center in the area, complete with an emergency room and a medical airlift ambulance service for any emergency that requires air transportation.

The Accommodations at New Roots ibogaine clinic

Our ibogaine clinic is located about 60 miles south of San Diego in Ensenada, Mexico. Our beautiful five-bedroom beachfront house provides safe and secure luxury accommodations that are staffed around the clock. Each patient has their own spacious room (complete with video and audio systems) and a full bathroom.

Those who stay with us enjoy our jacuzzi as a way to relax before and after treatment. We also offer massage therapy sessions and other quality concierge services. And, patients have access to high-speed Internet. Our highly acclaimed dietary chefs provide delicious meals as part of our nutrition plan. We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs.

Want to Learn More About our Ibogaine Clinic?

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our ibogaine clinic and our program. Please tell us what we can do to calm your fears about traveling to come to stay with us. We want you to find lasting freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our past clients at our ibogaine clinic: