Ibogaine Treatment

How does Ibogaine Work?

how does ibogaine work

How Does Ibogaine Work?

This article will give you a piece of complete information, procedure, and guideline that how does Ibogaine works does Ibogaine work? how ibogaine works, how does ibogaine work in the brain? At New Roots Ibogaine we use plant medicines to help clean your system of opiates, but also to help you to see yourself: your habits, your pains, wounds, traumas, and the roots and cause of your substance abuse addictions or severe depression, in such a powerful and clear way.

Ibogaine can show you why you have your anger, stubbornness, loneliness, separation, sadness, reactions, and emotional triggers. It can help you release shame, guilt, and self-judgment. And can help you forgive yourself, for all the suffering you caused others, yourself, and the wrongs that have been done to you. In this article, we will explain How does ibogaine work? and what logic behind this miracle.

Ibogaine works on both the brain’s “hardware” – the neural circuitry, neurotransmitters, and receptors, and the brain’s “software” — a patient’s personality, according to chemist Ignacio Carrera, in an article on Chacruna.net During an ibogaine treatment, the patient experiences a psychedelic trip that often shows them two paths — one if they were to continue to use drugs and one if they were to stop.

It can also show them their past through a new prism — they can view old and sometimes forgotten memories in a new light; helping the patient to understand why they used drugs in the first place.

The patient can gain tremendous insight into their personality and addiction or depression, helping to “pursue profound changes in their lives, including changing their relationship with their drugs of abuse,” writes Carrera.

While the patient is undergoing the psychedelic portion of the treatment, the root bark of a little shrub from Africa — the iboga tree — is essentially doing surgery on their brain by resetting the neurons back to baseline; essentially where the brain was before the patient began using drugs and depending on substance abuse to function.

When they finish the treatment, they are no longer addicted to heroin. But in addition to that, the old neural pathways are temporarily taken offline, giving the patient a break from their old habits — enough time, hopefully, to allow them to form new, healthier habits.

In addition, how does ibogaine work, says Carerra, ibogaine affects the patient’s “hardware” – “receptors in the brain and in the neurotransmitter systems,” he writes. “Ibogaine can promote the release of small proteins called “neurotrophic factors” in some parts of the brain.”

Neurotrophic factors explain Carrera, are substances that promote “survival, repair, and protection processes in the brain tissue” that can combat ongoing dependence on drugs or helps you get out of severe depression.

Neurotrophic factors can also promote “neurogenesis (the generation of new neurons from progenitor cells) in the developing nervous system and in some areas of the mature human brain,” he writes.

“These substances are of vital importance for the development and function of the nervous system…since ibogaine can promote the release of these neurotrophic factors in some regions of the brain, it is proposed it could repair and protect the damaged neural circuits involved in drug addiction.”

New Roots Ibogaine is an integrated clinic dedicated to healing severe addiction from hard drugs like
heroin, eliminating the pain of opiate withdrawal, as well as healing work with deep trauma, depression, eating disorders, and other challenges that life hands us.

Our treatment philosophy combines the best of Western treatment modalities with ancient healing techniques and traditional indigenous wisdom. We hope that now you will understand How does ibogaine work.

We look forward to working with you to build your treatment plan. Please ask anything about this topic how does ibogaine work?


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