Ibogaine has potent factors when dealing with addiction or any other emotional disorder:

Alleviating withdrawal symptoms

Ibogaine rewires your brain receptors so your body no longer craves the drug or condition you experienced prior to taken the medicine.


The ibogaine journey will guide trough several stages in your life, you will understand some traumas and learn to accept them.  Some patients have compared an ibogaine session to doing 10,000 therapy sessions in one night.  Ibogaine will help your growth, it will give you insight on some occurrences on your past, letting you connect to your conscious and subconscious minds for better understanding of who you are.  Many describe the Ibogaine experience as a movie of their life, the ‘movie’ is usually guided by a family member a grandfather or even a spiritual energy and shows you were the pain is rooted and shows you how to get back to wellness.

Allow us to help you on your wellness journey!  Let’s begin with our medical application, medical application. Our experienced ibogaine medical staff will evaluate your information and we will contact you to discuss treatment options and answer any questions.