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Why To Stop Drinking?

December 26, 2021
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By:  New Roots Ibogaine

Drinking alcohol is one of those social activities that some people love to do to get high, while others do it for the sake of being accepted among their peers. No matter why you drink, a time may come that you feel to quit drinking. In this article, we will talk about why to stop drinking? However, it is not a child's play to stop drinking alcohol all at once. You have to go through a process following the sequence of steps to give up on alcohol. It will take time. However, when you are questioning yourself whether you should stop drinking or not, you must know what will be the impact of continuing drinking or cutting it down. If you know the answer, it will become easier to quit drinking.

Why To Stop Drinking?

Since everyone knows drinking excessively kills a person slowly and gradually. Abusing alcohol is called alcoholism, and that makes you dependent on it physically and psychologically. Due to this, the person who abuses alcohol can’t get through his routine activities without drinking. And as time goes by, alcohol alters his physiology (normal body functioning), leaving him unable to perform well in daily life. Therefore, the obvious reason to stop drinking is to live a healthy life which is not possible for alcohol addicts.

If you are also trying to stop drinking alcohol but can’t think of enough reasons to motivate yourself, we have done this job for you. So you can read out the points we came up with while thinking about why one should stop drinking.

It Saves You Money

Did you ever think of the money you could have saved by cutting back on drinking? Yes, drinking too much can make you be left with an empty pocket, don't have enough money to meet your expenses. However, if you stop drinking, who knows, you'll be planning your vacation at a luxury resort.

You Can Avoid Social Embarrassment

You can’t understand why your male colleague is giving you an eye after having a drinking party on the weekend? That’s because you can’t remember what you have done to someone while being drunk. You can yell at someone, hit them, and won’t be able to recall it. It often puts you in some quite weird and embarrassing situations. So, you can avoid them by stopping drinking alcohol.

Boosts Your Confidence

You will observe some incredible changes in your thinking and perception once you stopped drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol clouds your brain, makes you depressed, and doesn’t allow you to look at the opportunities the right way. However, when you get control of your drinking habits because it’s not quite easy, it gives you confidence that you are still able to control things. You can take a different perspective of life that is optimistic.

You Can Develop Better Relationships

Chronic drinkers are not able to maintain a balance in their life, work, and relationships. If someone has a history of long-term alcohol abuse, it causes severe changes in their behavior that often upset their loved ones. Believe it or not, your relationships are several affected by your chronic drinking and also have a huge impact on your performance at school or work. If you want to make your relationships better with the surrounding people, you can do so by limiting your alcohol use.

Stability In Mood

You might have seen heavy drinkers showing anger at small things and getting annoyed easily. Why? Because drinking heavily makes them vulnerable, violent, irritable, and aggressive. They can even cause harm to themselves or their loved ones under the effect of alcohol. However, by stopping drinking, you can avoid these sudden mood swings and will also be able to act normally or deal with things that annoy you with a better approach.

Reduces The Chance of Accidents

Binge drinking is one of the reasons people often suffer from road accidents. Remember that when you drive in a drunk state, you don’t only risk your life but others too. Moreover, the chances of burns, suicides, and self-harm are also increased as a result of alcohol abuse.

Lowers The Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Do you know chronic alcohol drinkers are twice likely to develop any cardiovascular condition as those who don’t drink? Yes, alcohol affects your heart health and can make you a cardiac compromised patient. It also causes your blood pressure to jump higher, leading to developing hypertension. To keep your heart health at its best, you should cut back on drinking immediately. By doing so, you can lower the risk of many heart diseases such as myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke, heart failure, etc.

Improves Mental Health

When you keep drinking alcohol for a long time, it severely affects your mental health. It can alter several functions such as your motor skills, ability to learn and memorize, decision-making skills, etc. Moreover, from extensive research, it has been proved that alcoholism and many mental disorders coexist in several individuals. The reason is many people drink to cope with mental stress. However, it doesn't help to do so; rather makes the condition worse. Hence, you can avoid depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders by cutting back on alcohol.

Your Brain Heals

When you cut down on drinking for a certain period, the damages that have been occurred to some of the brain regions can start to reverse. Your brain has unlimited things to do, and binge drinking makes it harder for the brain to keep balance within the body. By stopping drinking, you can let your brain get enough time to recover from the negative effects of alcohol.

Restores Liver Health

When you drink alcohol, it goes into your liver to metabolize. There it converts first into acetaldehyde and then acetate. Chronic alcohol use can put added stress on the liver to metabolize excessive alcohol concentration. This may affect liver functions. Moreover, the metabolite of alcohol that is acetaldehyde, is highly toxic. Therefore, it can further damage your liver. But, reducing your alcohol consumption can restore normal liver functioning. Also, read how much does alcohol thin your blood?

Promotes Better Sleep

Research says that people who go to bed after drinking alcohol don't get a restful sleep. The reason behind this is alcohol interferes with your sleep-wake cycle, reducing the REM stage that is crucial to provide you with enough rest so you can wake active and ready for a new day. Though alcohol can make you feel sleepy faster, it won’t let you take a deep nap. Also, it causes frequent urination that will keep you waking up often during your sleep. If you stop drinking or at least avoid it in the late afternoon, you can get enough hours to have a deep, restful sleep.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

Chronic alcohol drinkers are more susceptible to developing different types of cancer due to high alcohol consumption. By quitting this habit of binge drinking, you can protect yourself from developing cancer in the following organs:





Colon and rectum

Helps losing weight

Though we all fancy losing several pounds to look fit and smart, we keep our eyes shut from the binge drinking we are doing to put on weight. Yes, no matter what type of alcohol you are taking, it's full of empty calories that make you gain excessive weight. Your body is deprived of the essential nutrients also. When you cut down on your regular alcohol consumption, it helps you lose significant weight that’s also good for your health. Being overweight can otherwise put you in other health problems.

Makes Skin Clear and Healthy

Will you be surprised if I say that abusing alcohol can leave vital signs on your skin? Yes, it does. Since alcohol can make your body shed essential nutrients and lose water content, it will cause signs and symptoms to develop on your skin. These may include loose and saggy skin, inflammation, dehydration, and even jaundice (yellow skin). To retain the moisture of your skin, you need to get rid of dehydration. Therefore, when one decides to reduce his/her alcohol intake, he/she can have clear skin without showing the negative effects of drinking.

Strengthens Immunity

Since you know that alcohol inside your body can convert into a toxic metabolite, it can affect your immune system causing it to weaken. A person with a weak or compromised immune system isn’t able to fight off germs and several illnesses. It means that you will be prone to diseases like cold, flu, pneumonia, and many other diseases when you keep drinking for the long term. By regulating your alcohol intake, you can keep your immune system strong enough to fight off foreign antigens.

Final Words

To reap all the benefits we have mentioned above, you need to take the first step to decide and commit yourself to cutting back on drinking. Moreover, you will need to firmly stand by your decision throughout the time so you can reach the goal. The intention to list all of these benefits is to motivate you on your choice for cutting back on drinking, and before anyone else, you should respect your own decision. For Addiction treatment, Ibogaine Treatment is the best choice.

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