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What Types of Drugs Can People Become Addicted To?

June 19, 2022
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By:  New Roots Ibogaine

Based on what types of drugs can people become addicted to, we can simply classify them into two categories; illicit drugs and prescription medicines. The addiction that happens with illicit drugs is more popular. That is why their purchase is illegal, and they have also been banned in several countries worldwide. However, addiction to the latter ones is more complicated as they are intended to treat certain ailments or disorders, which in case of addiction won’t be possible anymore, ultimately worsening the patient's condition.

Since it is the easiest way to classify addictive drugs, we thought to enlighten you more on that, considering that you might be reading this article to help yourself or someone you love to recover from addiction or at least stop using the following ones.

CNS Stimulants

The term stimulant is self-explanatory as it indicates that consuming CNS stimulant drugs will make your brain intensely active. As a result, you will feel physically more energetic, alert, and confident. It will also increase your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. You will be more attentive and may encounter sleeplessness, anxiety, seizures, and even paranoia if taken in larger doses.



Crack cocaine



Crystal amphetamine (ICE)

Ecstasy (Molly)



CNS Depressants

CNS depressants are simply contradictory to the previous group. They help your body relax and calm down, which is why they are also widely used before surgery. They can also help you relieve the side effects caused by CNS stimulants, such as treating insomnia, anxiety, seizures, and panic attacks. Again, overdose will bring severe consequences.

Sedatives, hypnotics, and tranquilizers all come under depressants.






They are also called painkillers. However, they can also produce euphoria if used for a longer period or in larger doses. They are the type of prescription medications that can be abused.






Narcotics Analgesics

They are also recognized as pain relievers as they have numbing and paralyzing properties.






Hallucinogens are the class of drugs that can alter the way you perceive reality. If a person consumes a hallucinogen, he/she may start seeing things and listening to voices that don’t even exist. Disorientation, dizziness, and confusion are the initial symptoms leading to increased heart rate, distress, paranoia, and memory loss.





LSD (Lysergic acid dimethyl amid)


Illicit drugs have always been intended for recreational effects. People use them to get high with complete consciousness that they will cause them to harm in terms of addiction. They are also illegal and hence, not easily available.

However, prescription medications aren’t only easily available but are given to relieve the patient’s suffering. Also, most people aren’t aware that their long-term use or overdose can lead to their dependency with addiction as an ultimate result in the future. Therefore, people should educate themselves on these things more to avoid such accidental addiction later.

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