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What is High Functioning Anxiety?

February 20, 2022
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By:  New Roots Ibogaine

Have you ever heard about high functioning anxiety? Do you know what kind of anxiety is it and what does it mean by high functioning? Well, it is not a popular and easily recognizable condition that’s why very few people may know about it. However, knowing what is high functioning anxiety with its symptoms and treatment is important for individuals, especially those who think they are experiencing anxiety or similar symptoms.

Therefore, we bring you a little piece of information that comprises all the conclusions derived from the studies that have yet been conducted.

What is high functioning anxiety?

High Functioning Anxiety is not regarded as a mental condition of diagnosis. The reason is it is not a typical anxiety disorder elucidating general symptoms of anxiety. Rather than the general effects of anxiety, a person with high functioning anxiety shows normal behavior and great performance. Even it is said that in high functioning anxiety, the person seems to be more active physically and mentally. How is it observed? People who have high functioning anxiety are usually doing well in different walks of life.

They don’t face any difficulty in calculations and managing finances, are punctual, and can easily meet deadlines without running out of time. On the whole, high functioning anxiety manifests as a normal condition where everything is good outside, and nobody knows who the person really is and what’s going on inside him.

Causes of High Functioning Anxiety

The risk factors or causes that may account responsible for the generation of disease are common. They are:

Genetic transmission

Exposure to severe stress or traumatic experience

Substance or alcohol abuse

Physical health conditions


The symptoms of high functioning anxiety are not much obvious. These are:


Being easily fatigued


Sleep problems

Difficulty concentrating

Muscle tension

Excessive anxiety or worry on most days

Besides these physical symptoms, you may also observe differences in your behavior. Like you are doing more than ordinary at certain things, giving excellent performance, have no difficulty, and can’t refuse to help others. In short, you place everyone and everything else above yourself.

Treatment of High Functioning Anxiety

Surprisingly, the treatment methods used for this unique type of anxiety are almost similar to the general anxiety-like Ibogaine treatment, Ibogaine clinics in Mexico. The reason is they share common causes or factors responsible for their development.

Behavioral Therapy

When a person is diagnosed with any mental condition, he must get treatment immediately before he hurts someone. Therapy is one of the treatment options available for high functioning anxiety along with various conditions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is among the most common behavioral therapies that are used to perform in case of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, etc. During therapy, professional talks to you to learn about how you enter this phase of being an “overachiever” and helps you get through it.


Similarly, like various medical conditions, some medications are prescribed by professionals to help you cope with the symptoms. Antidepressants and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are the most frequently prescribed and effective drugs to treat different forms of anxiety. Other than these two, more meditations may also be needed. These are benzodiazepines, buspirone, and beta-blockers also.

Sometimes, looking upon the patient’s condition a combination of both above-mentioned treatment methods is suggested to apply.

Final Words

Remember that high functioning anxiety is different from general or other types of anxiety, the symptoms also vary a bit from other types. Similarly, the treatment provided to people with high functioning anxiety is also different. One should not take it lightly or neglect his symptoms rather consider asking from a physician or other psychology expert to help address the condition. The best addiction treatment is Ibogaine Treatment.

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