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Ibogaine Contains The Sacred Healing Spirit of the Iboga Root

The Ever-Evolving Relationship Between Plants and People

For thousands of years, humans have evolved with plants and used them for healing the mind, body, and soul. Some of these plants, such as the Iboga, have gained extensive notoriety among those who express interest in the world of metaphysics. The article focus on Ibogaine Contains The Sacred Healing Spirit of the Iboga Root.

Ibogaine (which comes from the root of the Iboga tree) is now recognized as a sacred medicine used for healing the deepest spiritual aspects of our being. This is large because it takes users on a profound inner journey that is not soon forgotten. This is somewhat comparable to taking a mild trip on LSD.

This healing plant has been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. In the modern era, it is becoming more mainstream among those seeking alternative therapies for addiction treatment. No discussion about the role of Ibogaine in the West can be complete without considering the spiritual aspect of this medicine.

The Spiritual Aspect of An Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Contains The Sacred Healing Spirit of the Iboga Root? We talk a lot about the clinical benefits of ibogaine treatment. Studies have shown that this is effective addiction treatment. It is also used to help those who have been diagnosed with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other debilitating illnesses. However; we don’t talk enough about the spiritual aspect of this psychedelic plant medicine. It is perhaps the healing spirit of the Iboga that frees people from these conditions.

Those who have taken ibogaine here at New Roots have told us that they had an amazing experience during their treatment. Many were taken to past memories were a major trauma occurred and found healing. Others confronted their fears head-on and overcame them. Some said they were able to visit people from the past and make peace with them.

Everyone who participates in an ibogaine treatment has a different experience. It seems that the Iboga knows what each person is capable of handling at a given time. Some people are treated gently, while others are pushed beyond their own limits and out of their comfort zone. Most report that they are asked to face difficult problems deep within their being and find a resolution.

It has been said that people do not so much “do” an ibogaine treatment, but rather it is “done unto them. There is a natural unfolding sequence that happens when someone takes this plant medicine which allows them to delve deeply into their own psyche.

Ibogaine Treatment – It is So Much More Than a Drug Trip

Many people make the mistake of thinking that ibogaine treatment is about hallucinating and tripping out on pretty colors. It is so much more than that. There is spiritual work to be done during the eight to ten hours of treatment.

Taking ibogaine allows a user to tap into a part of their mind that is otherwise unconscious. It brings subconscious truths to the forefront. Under the influence of this plant medicine, a user’s inhibitions will be lowered. They will be more open to receiving the messages their innermost self wants to address. Lurking fears, hidden self-defeating behaviors, negative self-talk, childhood issues, and limiting beliefs are brought to light so they can be healed.

The Iboga asks us to see ourselves in our totality, leaving behind the notions of good and evil. We have the power to see ourselves as we really are. We no longer have to react to situations based on the habitual responses programmed by our past experiences. We have been given the freedom to exist in the present moment in relation to our true being and to all creation.

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