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Tips for Navigating the Ibogaine Experience


Ibogaine Experience

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Tips for Navigating the Ibogaine Experience. At New Roots, we use the psychedelic plant medicine ibogaine to help detox the body of drugs and alcohol. We also administer this powerful medication to help those who struggle with mental health issues.

This treatment helps our patients see themselves more objectively. It reveals defeating habits, pains, wounds, traumas, and the root causes of addictions or depression in such a powerful and clear way. Ibogaine can show you why you have anger, loneliness, feelings of separation, sadness, bitterness, and other emotional triggers.

Ibogaine can effectively treat drug and alcohol addiction

Studies show that ibogaine can effectively treat drug and alcohol addiction by eliminating cravings and withdrawal. It has also been proven to help with mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Many have said that ibogaine was a miracle cure for them and brought about a complete personal transformation.

One ibogaine treatment can help you release the shame, guilt, and self-judgment of your past mistakes. It can help you forgive yourself for all the suffering you caused others, yourself, and the wrongs that have been done to you. However; this type of personal freedom doesn’t come free. You have to put in some spiritual work.

Ibogaine is a Hallucinogen That Should Be Respected

Ibogaine is one of the most powerful hallucinogens on earth. If you are nervous about working with this plant medicine, it is totally understandable. It’s a warrior’s medicine and it should be treated with respect and reverence.

If you choose to undergo an ibogaine treatment, it will likely one of the most bizarre and beautiful things you will ever do. You will get to know yourself on a much deeper level and be taken on an inward journey that will bring healing and freedom to your mind, body, and soul.

Preparing for an Ibogaine Treatment

There is some preparation involved in getting an ibogaine treatment. Of course, at New Roots, we conduct an extensive medical examination to ensure that our patients are in good physical condition before they take the medication. We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our patients to maximize their ibogaine experience.

However, there are things you do to get yourself ready for this spiritual experience. The most important thing you can do is get mentally prepared. The thing is, you have never taken ibogaine before so you don’t know what to do to accomplish this! We want to help.

Here are some tips and tricks for navigating your ibogaine experience:

Mediate. The single best way to prepare for an ibogaine treatment is through meditation. For a week before your treatment, spend 20 minutes a day sitting alone quietly, cross-legged, with a straight spine, training your mind to be still through breathwork.

If you want, you can repeat a mantra to yourself to give your brain something to occupy itself. You might choose “ohm” or the “rhum” chant recommended by transcendental meditation guru Russel Simmons. Meditation is really helpful because it will calm any anxiety you may have about taking this plant medicine. It will also get you into a blissful state of mind that is open to new ideas.

Pray. Pray before your ibogaine treatment. Ask to be shown what it is that you need to see so you can achieve your highest and best self. If you have a problem with addiction, ask for the ibogaine to reveal what drives your drug or alcohol abuse. If you have mental health issues, ask to reveal the root cause of your problems. Also, keep in mind that prayer can get you through some tight spots during intense hallucinations. During your treatment, if things get too weird, pray for peace and understanding.

Don’t Resist. Surrender.

Remember this when you approach your ibogaine treatment. This is a big one. If your body starts to hurt and you start saying over and over again in your brain, “I don’t like this, I want it to stop, make it stop,” you will just prolong the pain.

Instead of asking the medicine to stop, just breathe. Say to yourself, “This is temporary. The ibogaine is trying to heal me. Please heal me. Thank you for healing me.” And, relax your body as much as you can while you say it. The more you relax, the easier time you will have.

Focus on Your Breath, Not Your Thoughts. Your mind is going to want to make sense of what’s happening — but it won’t make any sense. Don’t try. Just focus on your breathing. In and out, in and out. Try to keep the rational part of your brain quiet. It’s going to want to control the show; to make a story out of the images you might be seeing — try not to let it. Say, “Thank you, brain, for trying to help, but please be quiet now.” And go back to focusing on your breath.

Keep your eyes closed. It’s a good idea to have an eye mask with you. The visions seem to stop when you open your eyes and it can be hard to keep them shut when what’s going on behind your eyelids is so intense. An eye mask works to keep your lids down.

Go With the Flow

Don’t have too many expectations. The beauty of ibogaine is that even if the hallucinations are not strong, the medicine is still working on your brain. So know that whatever happens during the night – even if nothing happens – you will essentially be free from addiction, anxiety, or depression – or whatever you issue is – the next morning. Also read Can Depression be hereditary?

These are the best suggestions for preparing for an ibogaine treatment. But… keep in mind that you will have your own unique experience when you take it. Meditation, prayer, surrender, breathwork, keeping your eyes closed and going with the flow – these are all helpful recommendations to prepare you for taking this hallucinogenic plant medicine. BUT – the truth is, you are going on an amazing journey through your mind that you simply cannot prepare for. Enjoy the trip!

Tips for Navigating the Ibogaine Experience

New Roots Ibogaine is an integrated recovery clinic dedicated to healing our patients from severe addictions to alcohol, hard drugs like heroin, or prescribed opioids like Suboxone, Methadone or Naltrexone.

Our clinic also supports healing deep trauma, depression, eating disorders, and other challenges that life hands us. No matter the dose or the time using, all clients detox in a medical facility and will have access to the medical staff at all times.

Our experienced clinical staff has done hundreds of ibogaine treatments and we pride ourselves by combining the best of Western treatment modalities with ancient healing techniques and traditional indigenous wisdom.

Want to learn more about the ibogaine experience? Check out this article, provided by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Also read tips for dating a drug addict boyfriend?

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