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12 Steps To Addiction Recovery

November 11, 2021
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By:  New Roots Ibogaine

The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous first developed 12 Steps model to addiction recovery. This model was purely based on spiritual principles. However, after seeing its effectiveness, other foundations came forward with some adaptations to the program. Though the steps were a bit modified, the objective of every foundation was to help addicted individuals achieve the goal of abstinence and maintain it for as long as possible.

The core of this 12 steps model to addiction recovery was to offer help to alcoholics. However, with the time, when other drug addictions appeared, new foundations and support groups also formed for particular drug addiction recovery. Please check the ibogaine treatment cost and how does ibogaine work.

How 12 Steps To Addiction Recovery Model Works?

Step 1-Admitting Powerlessness       

The foremost step to deal with addiction is to admit that you are abusing a substance. Until and unless you don’t recognize the problem and confess it, you won’t be able to treat it.

It is not as easy as it sounds. However, one must admit that they have become powerless, having no control over their drug abuse. And it’s having a huge impact on their life.

Step 2-Faith in a Higher Power

You have to keep faith in a higher power that can help you heal and overcome addiction.

Step 3-Give Control to a Higher Power

This step calls out for action. First, you have to surrender yourself to the higher power, accepting that you can’t recover without help from that power.

Step 4-Honest, Personal Inventory

You have to be sincere to yourself, at least. You’ve to list down your shortcomings and behaviors that you consider destructive for you and the people around you. Then, whatever comes to your mind, pen it down without any fear of judgment.

Step 5-Make a Confession

Another difficult yet essential step is to admit the wrongdoings that you’ve listed in step 4 in front of the higher power, another human being you trust, and to yourself. Again, it helps you to come out of isolation and open up to someone you’re comfortable sharing everything with.

Step 6-Acceptance

It’s all about accepting your character flaws and not letting your past overwhelm you with negative thoughts. Your willpower and positive attitude are the two important weapons you’ll need during this step.

Step 7-Ask For Help

Once you know that everything isn’t under your control, you’ll be humble and at peace. Now, you’ve to ask for the help of the Higher Power to remove those shortcomings and sins from you.

Step 8-Ready to Make Amends For Your Wrongdoings

Prepare a list of those whoever you’ve harmed before starting this recovery process. You’ve to be willing to forgive yourself, forgive others, and repent for your wrongdoings.

Step 9-Seeking Forgiveness

Get ready yourself to ask for their forgiveness directly. It may be the hardest thing for one or both of you, but it’s necessary to move to the next step. First, however, be careful not to hurt them again and prepare yourself for their negative response.

Step-10 Be Consistent

A strong foundation has been built, and now, it’s time to maintain whatever you’ve learned from the above steps. Accountability of your actions must be done regularly to correct the odds promptly.

Step 11-Strengthen Contact

Engage in prayer and meditation to make strong contact with the Higher Power. It will improve your ability to understand His will, and you’ll find peace knowing that someone is watching over you.

Step 12-Service

Continue to follow the principles of this program for the rest of your life. Furthermore, it would help to encourage others struggling like you by sharing your story of recovery with them. Try to offer your support to those who need it. You’ll also find joy in becoming a source of light that someone sees at the end of the tunnel.

Final Thoughts

Today, we have many treatment models. Hence, the 12-step to addiction recovery model alone won’t be much effective in gaining the desired success. Therefore, we would suggest you incorporate other therapies as well for a speedy and more effective recovery. Best Rehab For Alcoholics. For addiction treatment, another method is used called Ibogaine Treatment. New Roots Ibogaine is the best Ibogaine clinic in Mexico.

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