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Schedule an intake

Schedule an intake

SCHEDULE an intake

After you contact us, we will ask you questions to better understand your situation and make a plan for Iboga treatment.  We will need the following:

General medical history

Please be prepared to discuss your medical history, we will need detailed information that our medical doctors will evaluate to ensure you can go through our treatments.   To facilitate this step, we have a Treatment Application Form.  We urge you to fill out as much as possible, especially the complete list of medications you are currently taking.


Within 48 hours of your submission of the Treatment Application Form, we will contact you and discuss how we can best serve you or your loved one.


Making a Reservation

If you are calling or filling a Treatment Application Form on behalf of your loved one, our staff will need to speak with the individual who will be receiving the actual treatment. In many cases, people are taking various medications that can interfere with ibogaine, so it’s very important that the patient understands how and why they must be discontinued prior to arrival.



Once we’ve made a full assessment of your situation and confirmed a reservation, we will meet you in San Diego, CA (USA.) If you are traveling by plane, we’ll arrange for our chauffeur to meet you at the San Diego airport.  If not, we will discuss another location near the San Diego/Mexico border.   Anyone traveling to Mexico is advised to have a ‘valid’ US passport, you can come back to the US with a valid ID (i.e. Drivers license, etc.) but it’s recommended to have your passport.

We strongly suggest that patients travel alone.  If it’s important that a family member or loved one travels with the patient, they can visit our facility but they will have to find hotel accommodations and transportation.

After being picked up by our chauffeur in San Diego, they will take you to our clinic in Ensenada (Mexico) and you’ll go through Mexico’s customs. Please do not travel with drugs, weapons, or any other illegal contraband.  If you are opioid-dependent our doctors will provide you with medicine to stabilize you upon reaching our Iboga treatment facility.

To request more information or to apply for the program today visit our contact us section today.

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