The price of ibogaine treatment at New Roots varies on the needs of patients we tailor your program around your need so please contact us at this phone No (855) 513 3377 to give you a quote.

Is this too expensive?  Well, if someone with a substance use disorder doesn’t get effective addiction treatment, it can cost them their life. 

Our prices reflect the costs providing the best possible ibogaine treatment:

  • We only treat 4 patients per week, this provides the highest attention and dedication to our patients
  • Full medical assessment by our doctors: full medical exam that includes evaluation of their blood and liver enzyme panels. Our cardiologist will perform an echocardiogram give us the green light to move forward with the treatment. Patients will also go through a complete psychological exam.
  • The ibogaine treatment will be held in a  hospital  by licensed medical doctors and around the clock nursing assistance
  • Recovery coaching, experts in treating addiction patients, provide 1:1 sessions during your stay to help you process your ibogaine experience.
  • These coaches will also work with you to come up with a post-treatment ‘aftercare’ plan to prevent relapse.
  • Our beachfront facility offers private rooms with king-size bed and private bathrooms, a jacuzzi, and delicious healthy food prepared by our private chef