Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Research Work

Ibogaine Research Work

Ibogaine’s research is showing outstanding results compared to conventional medical treatments.

In 2016, The Pharmacotherapy Grand Rounds published “Ibogaine for Opioid Use Disorder: Can We Root Out Addiction at Its Source?.”

Here are their findings, n= 41 patients, and their abstinent outcomes:

  • 15 were abstinent < 2 months
  • 15 were abstinent 2-6 months
  • 7 were abstinent 6-12 months
  • 10 were abstinent >12 months
  • 5 unknown cases

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam also published a study, “Life after Ibogaine An exploratory study of the long-term effects of ibogaine treatment on drug addicts.”  This study looked at a number of average months ‘ drug-free’ as a result of a number of drugs used and as a function of a number of ibogaine treatments.  Their results were:

“The overall average drug-free period (from primary and secondary drugs) of the entire sample was 21.8 months. The median that was measured was 6 months. These results can be seen in a positive light, especially considering the same sample’s experience with other addiction interrupting treatments (such as rehabilitation clinics, 12 steps programs, methadone detoxication, psychotherapy, etc.).”

Unfortunately, ibogaine is still a Schedule 1 drug in the United States limiting the amount of research performed to date.  Both studies showcase promising results but we point out that ibogaine is not a ‘miracle’ substance, it does take willpower to stay off drugs- but it definitely gives you a step ahead to get started.  We have witnessed the power of this plant medicine and we are eager to help you on your wellness journey.

If you’d like to read both studies, and other relevant studies, please click here Studies and Protocols.