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How to Stop Cocaine Addiction: 5 Steps to Recovery 

how to stop cocaine addiction

To stop cocaine addiction, the user must go through five stages of change, or five steps to recovery. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss each.

Step #1: Precontemplation Stage

When a person is in the first stage of recovery, they are not ready to discuss or admit themselves into a treatment program. Typically, they’ll show signs of defensiveness, giving any justification to their behavior that seems logical. You’ll see lack of insight here paired with how good they feel when they’re using their drug of choice.  

There are many reasons for a person to stay in the precontemplation stage, including but not limited to their lack of knowledge on addictions. They may also feel extremely disappointed in their behavior, knowing that they’ve made so many failed attempts at recovery and treatment so there’s nowhere to go but down.

Is recovery completely impossible at this stage? No, but accepting the truth is quite difficult.

Step #2: Contemplation Stage

In the next stage, a person may start to contemplate change. Oftentimes, this change does not happen immediately, but it is heavily considered. The pros and cons of addiction are weighed and discussed with loved ones.

The problem with pro and conning the situation is this: The person addicted knows the benefits of staying on their current path. Sometimes, these benefits outweigh the benefits of a drug or alcohol-free lifestyle. 

If you’re a family member or friend of someone who has an addiction, you should think about talking to them during the contemplation stage. They’re much more willing to listen to reason, just don’t put the blame on them or show any judgment. 

Step #3: Preparation Stage

At this point, sobriety may seem urgent to an addicted person. Their demeanor and actions will show this. Steps like seeing a therapist or obtaining information from a treatment facility may take place. 

At the same time, a user in the preparation stage may jump back to contemplation or precontemplation depending on the triggers and emotions they experience when sober. This could happen in a day or two and lead in as far as a week. The process is different for everyone.

Step #4: Action Stage

The action stage is where the meat of sobriety comes into play, as the person has clearly made significant changes and is committed to the new lifestyle they’ve set up. You’ll know that a person is in the action stage when you’ve seen them drug-free or alcohol-free for a prolonged period. They may even reach out to a professional or treatment program once the urge to use comes up again. 

In addition, you’ll see the user start to change several other areas of their life, like including self-care and counseling to keep them on track.

Step #5: Maintenance Stage

Relapse can happen at any time, but in the maintenance stage, the person is working hard at preventing such actions from taking place. Lifestyle changes like exercise, staying sober, keeping up with support groups, and maintaining self-care will remain evident and clear. Confidence grows and their sober days continue to build up.

The maintenance stage can last anywhere from six months to five years. An individual’s personal experience and the severity of addiction will play a part in the timeframe. But once this stage is fully complete, sobriety is highly locked in.

If you have any questions about this process or need help to stop your cocaine addiction, please visit New Roots website. Additional information about treatment programs are present here, and you can apply directly to start the path of sobriety today. 


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