Ibogaine Treatment

Further services

Further services

Having treated dozens of clients, we understand that not everyone will be best served with a 7-day Program.  To better accommodate you or your loved one, we have designed the best Ibogaine Treatment Services programs. To do so we partner with different facilities to offer:

2 Week Pre-Treatment

2 Week Post-Treatment

These programs can support you on your wellness journey, we will help you to create new habits, in an addiction-free environment, ensuring better outcomes.   We want to work with you, contact us so we can evaluate your situation and offer a program that better suits your needs.

Let’s begin with our medical application, medical application. Our experienced medical staff will evaluate your information and we will contact you to discuss treatment options and answer any questions.

And to learn more on what to expect during your ibogaine treatment, read How treatment works

We understand Best Ibogaine Treatment services are a significant financial investment.   We have partnered with my treatment Lender to provide financial options, we hope this will be beneficial for your path to  recovery, to learn more please click here mytreatmentlender.com/newroots