Ibogaine – A Path to Awakening

Have you ever experienced a moment in which you are fully aware? It’s like your whole being feels congruently aligned to a greater natural force. A clear and transparent dimension arises where time does not exist and you exist in oneness with everything. THIS is what the ibogaine experience feels like.

Altered states of consciousness provide an experience of ego death, a shift in perception, and a dreamlike reality. These elements help facilitate processes of self- development, which include breaking the chains of addiction and finding healing from mental health issues.

Ordinary states of consciousness arise naturally like sleeping or dreaming while alternative (non-ordinary) states can be induced through practices or psychedelic substances like ibogaine.

The Value of Pursuing an Altered State of Consciousness With Ibogaine

According to Integral Theory, all human beings are capable of experiencing altered states of consciousness regardless of their individual stage of development. Ibogaine helps facilitate this altered state.

The significance of the altered state of consciousness produced by an ibogaine treatment is not only about what is experienced at the moment but also what the person makes with the meaning unveiled during the experience. The interpretation made after taking this plant medicine can make a significant difference not only in defining how the “trip” was enjoyed, but also its usefulness in becoming more aware and challenging individuals for growth.

Ibogaine induces a state of deep introspection and witnessing, which relaxes oneself into healing unconscious wounds and doing much-needed shadow work. This reveals unconscious motivations, fears, motives and desires which often drive addictions and mental health issues. Confronting these while using a psychedelic can allow a user to gain clarity and objectivity about their innermost self.

The Healing Effects of Ibogaine at New Roots

The healing effects of ibogaine as an alternative addiction therapy can be achieved by using a safe small to medium dosage protocol with an incremental and accumulative process. Ibogaine  relaxes the urge to repeat old ways of being,  giving the person a chance to consciously choose a new direction and take on new behaviors.

Our patient-focused integral transformative program is designed for the use of ibogaine mixed with various practices like shadow work, meditation, inquiry, yoga, mindfulness and nutritional support.

An integral perspective on transformational practice includes the following:

Awareness of Self: Understanding your worldview (levels of development), knowing your shadow, a sense of self according to experiencing different states of consciousness.

Embodiment: Being grounded in your body, learning from the body as an instrument capable of tuning into multiple sounds and vibrations that communicates the needs for balance and healing.

Connectedness: Collaboration with a recovery coach creates a culture and community that supports and challenges individuals to achieve for greater growth.

Healing Ground: We have created an environment that is balanced, safe and intimate and a system that allows for creative impulses to be explored and expanded.

Why We Do What We Do

At New Roots, our primary focus is to help those who are struggling with addiction or mental health issues. The spiritual work and subsequent healing that happens as the result of just one ibogaine treatment is absolutely phenomenal. It truly is lifechanging for our patients.