Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction

What Is Ibogaine Used For?

The historical use of Ibogaine dates back to the 18th century when it had crucial importance in Bwiti practice. By nature, this compound is an indole alkaloid and is a natural constituent of the plant Tabernanthe iboga. Tabernanthe iboga is a shrub native to Western Africa, and it was often used for religious or healing… Continue reading What Is Ibogaine Used For?

What is High Functioning Anxiety?

Have you ever heard about high functioning anxiety? Do you know what kind of anxiety is it and what does it mean by high functioning? Well, it is not a popular and easily recognizable condition that’s why very few people may know about it. However, knowing what is high functioning anxiety with its symptoms and… Continue reading What is High Functioning Anxiety?

Why To Stop Drinking?

Drinking alcohol is one of those social activities that some people love to do to get high, while others do it for the sake of being accepted among their peers. No matter why you drink, a time may come that you feel to quit drinking. In this article, we will talk about why to stop… Continue reading Why To Stop Drinking?

Addiction VS Physical Dependence

Addiction VS Physical Dependence Being a layman, we often confuse the terms addiction and physical dependence. However, they have distinct definitions and phenomena to elucidate in medical terminology. This raises this confusion among the masses because some organizations describe both terms with interchangeable definitions. It makes people take them as synonyms, and they are not… Continue reading Addiction VS Physical Dependence

Luxury Treatment Center

Choosing a luxury treatment center for addiction recovery services comes with a vast number of services and amenities. Though, the primary reason is to find comfort and maximum facilities. That is not accessible at a standard rehab center. However, the amount of care and the quality of services offered is the benchmark of the best… Continue reading Luxury Treatment Center

Tijuana Recovery Center

Recovery is not just fixing the brain; recovery is healing the heart and soul. There are many wounds that need to be addressed. Often there are trauma issues early in life. Many people are affected due to their wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, children, or maybe some strangers. New Roots Tijuana Recovery Center is specialized in helping people recover… Continue reading Tijuana Recovery Center

How Much Does Alcohol Thin Your Blood?

Have you heard about this before? Yes, alcohol has the ability to make your blood thin. However, this blood-thinning characteristic of alcohol does have any positive aspect or not is another debate. According to experts, blood thinning is beneficial to prevent ischemic types of strokes that occur due to blockage in vessels. Since alcohol possesses… Continue reading How Much Does Alcohol Thin Your Blood?

How Childhood Trauma Leads To Addiction?

We are discussing how childhood trauma leads to addiction? Experiencing a trauma, whether being a child or an adult, can leave you with nightmares for weeks or months. However, as an adult, you can find numerous ways to cope with it. But, a child does not have access to authentic sources and professionals to get… Continue reading How Childhood Trauma Leads To Addiction?

For How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System?

Today we will talk about how long does alcohol stays In your System? When you consume anything that you know it has or can be harmful effects on your body, you start thinking about how long it is going to stay there. How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System The period during which that… Continue reading For How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System?

Ending The Stigma of Addiction

Today we will talk about Ending The Stigma of Addiction. But first, we will tell you what is stigma. Stigma is a set of false concepts or people’s assumptions they have about a particular person, activity, or object that is not socially acceptable. However, stigmatizing any situation related to an individual is nothing but an… Continue reading Ending The Stigma of Addiction